Levellers Day

14 May 2016 11:30am–4:30pm

Burford, Oxfordshire. The parade, including UNISON’s LGBT Banner, sets off from Burford Church and goes to the recreation ground.

Why not join UNISON LGBT and Retired Members at the annual levellers day parade?

Who were the Levellers? A revolutionary movement which arose in the English Parliamentary Army in the 1640s. The civil war won, they demanded freedom of conscience and popular sovereignty. Following mutinies in April and May 1649, government troops caught up with the Levellers at Burford. Three hundred were imprisoned in the Church. On 17th May three of their leaders were shot in the churchyard while the rest were made to watch from the roof.

Since 1975, the Workers’ Educational Association has reclaimed this bit of our history with an annual procession, debates and music.
The day runs from 10.30 to 3.30. Check online for programme details.
further information from http://levellersday.wordpress.com/ or to make contact with other UNISON LGBT and retired members, contact out@unison.co.uk