Government funding for lump sum for non-annex 1 employers – guidance issued

NHS England has published guidance that allows a limited number of organisations providing some NHS services under a ‘relevant’ contract to apply for funding to support them in making non-consolidated payments relating to the Agenda for Change (AfC) 2023 pay deal to some ‘relevant’ staff.


Payments will only be made available to organisations that can demonstrate that there is a direct or dynamic link to AfC terms and conditions, and organisations will have to demonstrate a negative financial impact from the non-consolidated award which presents a risk to continuity of services.


Branches where they have members working for contractors who they believe fit the criteria and are therefore eligible for the payment, should use this as an opportunity to put pressure on the contractor to make an application for funding.


More information on the criteria for funding can be found here:



The deadline for organisations to make their applications is 15 December.


In the meantime, UNISON’s Us 2 campaign continues to highlight the fact that thousands of staff working for private contractors delivering NHS services where there is no dynamic link, and those on temporary contracts, will miss out on the payments despite being on low wages and insecure contracts.


Where this is the case, branches are encouraged to continue to use the Us 2 materials to run disputes with contractor employers, including those working for subsidiary companies as well as private contractors.