Group structure and contacts

Members can contact their representatives in UNISON branches to discuss any issues that might arise in their workplace.

If you want to raise an issue which relates specifically to women, many branches have women’s officers, or you could contact your branch equality co-ordinator (officer) or workplace equality representative.

Branches are grouped into 12 regions across the UK, and these are administrated by the head office in London.

Each regional office has an officer with responsibility for the regional women’s committee and related issues:


Daphne Lewis –

Maureen Tsentides –

East Midlands

Louisa Wass Griffiths – 

Greater London

Myra Wale –


Hollie Pinder

Northern Ireland

Marianne Buick –

Danielle McCusker –

North West

Jennifer Walley –


Lindsey Regan –

South East

Beth Bickerstaffe –

South West

Karen Williams –


Calvin Smeda –

West Midlands

Anita Edwards –

Yorkshire and Humberside

Eleanor Bullen –

Joan Turnbull –