Workplace bullying and harassment

When people are put under pressure at work, they sometimes take their pent up frustrations out on others.

Relationships at work suffer and bullying and harassment increase when workers are pushed to breaking point.

Facts and Figures

According to the TUC around a third of people are bullied at work and women are more likely to be targeted.  In nearly ¾ of cases bullying is carried out by a manager.

How does this issue affect our members


What is UNISON calling for?

We are calling for an end to bullying and harassment at work.  Not only does it have adverse effect on the individual but it affects morale and performance of the workforce as a whole.

Employers should take a zero tolerance approach to bullying and harassment at work and have robust policies to protect workers from harm.

What is UNISON doing?

UNISON have a raft of information on what bullying and harassment is who it effects and how guidance on how to spot bullying behaviour and how best for it to be tackled – with the support of your branch and your local safety rep.

Members leaflets and information are available to help highlight the problem at work and alter staff to negative behaviours.