Health and safety: key issues

Here you can find out more about the key health and safety issues that we campaign on.

Concern about buildings with RAAC

  What is reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete (RAAC) and why was it used? Between the 1950s and 1980s, there was a need for quick low-cost solutions to build new public buildings such as schools, colleges, hospitals, leisure centres, police stations, offices etc. To meet this requirement, different “non-standard” construction types where developed, which could be […]

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Coronavirus guidance for health and safety reps

These are difficult and challenging times – and a challenging time for UNISON’s safety reps who play such a vital role in keeping workers safe.

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Protecting the health and safety of pregnant workers and new mothers

This toolkit has been produced by Maternity Action and UNISON with support from the TUC. It is designed to help UNISON reps ensure that the health and safety of members who are pregnant is protected from the moment that the rep becomes aware that a member is pregnant to their return to work and beyond. […]

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Stress at work

In UNISON’s 2017 Stress Survey 67% of members said their employers had never spoken to them about Stress. Employers should risk assess stress in the same way that they would any other hazard. 

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Workplace bullying and harassment

We are calling for an end to bullying and harassment at work.  Not only does it have adverse effect on the individual but it affects morale and performance of the workforce as a whole.

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Sickness absence

UNISON is calling for fair sickness absence policies that help staff get well, and not punish them for being sick, and for action to tackle some of the underlying causes of sickness.

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Aches, pains and strains or musculoskeletal disorders

Work related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), whether they occur because of standing or sitting for too long, carrying/lifting/doing too much or too often, usually are caused by a failure to adapt work to the needs of the worker.

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sun, thermometer and wall

Health and Weather warnings for extreme heat

Following the UKHSA and Met Office issuing a new warnings system for health impacts due to extreme heat, the following information has been update to help provide members with an additional understand of how this relates to their work.

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