Safety rep of the year

One of the most rewarding parts of being a safety rep is knowing that you have made a positive impact on the lives of your branch members.

And what a great feeling it is!  It also feels pretty good to let other safety reps draw on your experience and look to you for inspiration, motivation and the camaraderie we are all looking for.

But some of our reps are reluctant heroes. We wanted to give change this, and tell everyone about their triumphs, so UNISON Safety Rep of the Year was born.

For this biennial event, we ask for nominations, either self nominations or from the branch, on outstanding work of achievement done by a safety activist (either safety rep or branch safety officer) that has made a positive impact in the workplace.

It does not always have to be a “massive” thing – but we are looking for examples at “good practice” that promotes/improves health and safety practice and culture at work since the last awards/nominations. Do you know of anything or anyone like that in your branch?  Could it be you?

The next nominations will be open in October 2019.

We held our first awards for 2015/16 in February 2016.

The second awards ceremony for 2017/18 was held at UNISON Centre in February 2018 and building on the success at the inaugural awards, we received over 60 nominations across all regions and service groups.