Tweets, posts and hashtags

Using social media effectively to get your pay message out there.

Hashtag: #PayUpNow plus #ScrapTheCap (where relevant)
And the URL of the campaign page is:

The government is now under real pressure to scrap the 1% cap on public sector wages and UNISON is leading the fight to get you the pay rise you deserve. And more and more people are listening and supporting our Pay Up Now! campaign.

Social media is going to play a key role in helping us to reach people across the UK with our pay messages. Here’s how you can use social media to promote the union’s national campaign, to campaign locally and get colleagues, friends and family involved.

  • Follow @unisontweets and retweet our pay messages to your followers
  • Like us on Facebook and share our pay posts
  • Tell your own local pay stories in your posts and tweets and use the campaign logo from the resources tab on the website in videos, slideshows and other graphics to promote the campaign locally. If you are posting your own information add the campaign hashtag #payupnow
  • Make sure you follow local journalists and politicians and send them information about your local pay events.

Ask people to take action

Send out links to sections of the UNISON website asking people to take actions connected to the campaign. For example you can ask friends and colleagues to take the pay quiz. Include the link in your branch communications and share via your social media accounts.

Collect real pay stories

The quiz is great for raising awareness of the campaign in your workplace. We are really keen that people complete the ‘your story’ form after the quiz on the page. Real life stories will help us to campaign and lobby much more effectively and also gives us a chance to identify members who will be powerful advocates for the campaign.

Film works very well on social media too

A short film with subtitles, making use of our campaign graphics (see the resources section of this webpage) can be a very effective campaign tool – and it’s fun to do. See detailed guidance in the Lights Camera Pay Action section.

When you do campaign stuff share it!

Share everything, it doesn’t matter if it’s material you have created locally or stuff you have seen from other branches or UNISON’s national accounts. The more you tag others in the more engagement you will get. And don’t forget to tell members to share too using your email and other networks.