Retired member helps bring about memorial to the Bevin Boys

UNISON retired member will attend long-awaited recognition at National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire

Young UNISON member addresses the Welsh Assembly

Yesterday was International Workers’ Day, and Ryan Jones, the chair of the UNISON national young members forum, addressed the Welsh Assembly on young workers

New posters can help fight disabled hate crime

UNISON’s national disabled members’ committee is concerned that members with learning difficulties may face hate crime at work and in the community

Organise for a world without sexism

Join hundreds of people from across the UK for a unique weekend of hands-on training in feminist activism

UNISON calls for a better start for young people

Survey of young people shows that 93% do not think that the government is doing enough to help them to cope with the recession

Raise health and safety concerns to help LGBT members

It’s International Workers’ Memorial Day on 28 April, but what relevance does this have to you as an equalities or LGBT activist, or to LGBT members?

UNISON survey reveals young feeling let down by the coalition

The country’s 17 to 25-year-olds feel so let down that 24% say they will not vote in the next general election

Taking pride in recruitment

The government’s austerity measures are having a devastating effect on the services lLGBT people rely on, so there’s no better time than now to promote UNISON’s pro-public services agenda to the wider LGBT community

New national minimum wage rate sees value cut again

UNISON says inflation means these ‘rises’ are effectively a further cut in the value of the national minimum wage

International Women’s Day – time to turn the tide for UK women

UNISON calls on government to start undoing the damage it has done to women

Report finds UK power concentrated in minority hands

The people who hold the most decision-making power are drawn from a very narrow section of the population, the report writes

Conference hears call to arms on recruitment

Women told they will be crucial to success of major campaign

Bring on buddying

UNISON women’s conference urges activists to buddy up

National young members’ weekend 2013

Our young members’ weekend, on 17-19 May in Sheffield, brings together more than 100 young members from across the UK

NBMC conference decisions now available

A full record is now available of all this year’s conference decisions