UNISON launches campaign to take a stand against attacks on health service

The union sets out to highlight how ‘lazy political hits’ damage morale and the relationship of trust between patients and staff (Cymru/Wales)

Fighting for the future of nursing

Hundreds of student nurses have protested against proposed cuts to bursaries

Seven-day NHS won’t come cheap

UNISON supports a seven-day NHS but warns government is trying to do this on the cheap

Food standards under threat as Luton and Dunstable outsources services

UNISON has said standards will fall and patients suffer after Luton and Dunstable Hospital Trust chose to privatise a range of services

UNISON protests to Jeremy Hunt about huge NHS contract award

Union writes to the Secretary of State for Health asking him not to allow the award of a huge NHS contract to a private company

NHS Direct staff retain their pay bandings

UNISON forces climb-down after threat to downband nurses and health advisors

Take action now to defend the NHS

Stop Jeremy Hunt’s attempt to sneak regulations through parliament

Government ‘improvement plan’ will put more work on fewer staff, says UNISON

Comparison to Olympic ‘games makers’ misleading, adds the union