UNISON speaking up for public services placards tied to railing

Salford college urged to consult community on cuts

Public meeting calls for local community to have the chance to consider proposals and suggest alternatives

Members among Tunisian victims

UNISON is sad to confirm that three members were among the 38 people killed in the Tunisia terrorist attack

Come along to the NHS election rally in Leeds

UNISON general secretary Dave Prentis will be speaking at a special NHS election rally tomorrow (Thursday) night in Leeds

Voluntary code ‘a missed opportunity’

UNISON calls for professional regulation for healthcare support workers in stead of voluntary code of conduct being introduced in England

UNISON chief tells women’s conference in Southport that their votes will be crucial in May

We’re in the midst of the closest election in living memory – even hardened political pundits say the result is too close to call

North West activists take TTIP struggle to Brussels

Activists from UNISON’s North West region are travelling to Brussels today to take part in two days of protest and lobbying against TTIP

School support staff invited to afternoon tea with the mayor

UNISON members who work in schools in Oldham are invited to afternoon tea on Wednesday 26 November, with the Mayor

NHS staff: Why we are striking on Monday

UNISON health members in England are taking five days of action for fair pay next week – starting first thing on Monday morning – and will be joined by colleagues in other unions including midwives

Lancashire county council signs up to Ethical Care Charter

Lancashire county council is the latest council to sign up to UNISON’s Ethical Care Charter

Two weeks to go until ‘Britain needs a pay rise’ march and rally

‘Make sure you come along, show your support and make a difference’

LGA urged to reconsider on pay proposals

UNISON calls for NJC employers to rethink and come forward with a pay offer which ‘begins to tackle the hardship facing all of our members’ in local government and schools (England, Wales and Northern Ireland)

NHS England action set for 13 October

‘Five days for fair pay’ starts with a four-hour strike on Monday 13 October, followed by four days of action short of a strike for the rest of the week

TUC warned about zero hours contracts and the Immigration Bill

Delegates told about the “dirty secret” of the employment figures and why the Immigration Bill is a “disgraceful and cynical piece of legislation”

General secretary tells TUC now is the time to make a stand

UNISON General secretary Dave Prentis has made an impassioned plea to end “the cycle of desperation” and defend all that the union movement has achieved

UNISON president tells Jarrow marchers – we can save the NHS

“We can save our NHS, but the time to act is now,” UNISON president Lucia McKeever told a rally in Nottingham during the People’s March for the NHS