Portrait of Christina McAnea

Blog: Health workers in Northern Ireland need all our support

A pay award that’s below inflation is unthinkable, but no pay award at all is unforgivable

Two placards, the top is purple with the words 'OFFICIAL PICKET' in white capital letters, and the bottom half is white, with the UNISON logo on

NEC hears plans for industrial action, plus new ballots

Affected areas include the NHS, higher education and the Environment Agency

Two placards, the top is purple with the words 'OFFICIAL PICKET' in white capital letters, and the bottom half is white, with the UNISON logo on

NHS workers in Northern Ireland prepare for strike action

UNISON members, alongside those from Nipsa, have not received any pay award this year

general secretary Christina McAnea with UNISON members outside a London hospital

Blog: It is within their power to give NHS workers the pay they deserve

“This government let frontline workers take responsibility when times were at their toughest, but now it refuses to take responsibility for the things that are in its control”

Glenn Carrington, leaning against an ambulance, talking to ITV health editor Emily Morgan

UNISON ambulance workers share heartbreaking stories of wait times

“The guilt you feel, the anger, the frustration. I can’t put it into words, it’s heartbreaking”

Five UNISON members on an OCS picket line, with UNISON flags and banner reading: 'Claps don't pay the bills – key workers demand fair pay'.

OCS workers secure major victory after 26 days of strike action

The outsourced workers have won a pay rise of over 14%, an extra week’s leave and the same sick pay as their directly-employed NHS colleagues

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Blog: Vote ‘yes’ for your futures and the future of our NHS

The current health secretary says nurses can like it or lump it on the below-inflation pay offer, but that’s not good enough. NHS staff – and the service itself – need much better

Ministers should be ashamed that NHS staff are having to use food banks, says UNISON

Some health employees are now so hard up, they can’t survive without help from their employers.

Fee rise for stretched NHS workers is unfair and misjudged, says UNISON

Compulsory annual registration fee could rise from £98.12 to £117.74.

UNISON comments on NHS Confederation’s call for better funding for social care

For too long, the government has ignored pay and staffing.

Boosting funding and pay are the best ways to fix NHS staffing

Government needs long-term solution to staff crisis

Christina McAnea

Blog: I urge members to make sure they have their say on pay

Scottish health members, together with those working for the Environment Agency, both provide vital services, which need to be properly funded

Government must take responsibility for the NHS and social care workforce crisis, says UNISON  

The government’s had years to improve the workforce situation but has done little.

Underfunded adult social care will continue to lose staff unless ministers act, says UNISON

Nothing short of a complete overhaul of the care sector will do.

Health workers in Lancashire strike in dispute over lack of sick pay and unsocial hours payments

OCS workers do the same jobs as many NHS colleagues but they miss out on sick pay when they’re ill, are paid less when they work unsocial hours