Not a normal day for NHS workers

On a normal Wednesday morning Emily Heron would be taking patients’ blood pressure or doing observations…

UNISON members urge MPs to save the NHS bursary

Cutting financial ‘lifeline’ to student nurses will leave them thousands of pounds in debt

If the NHS bursary goes, it will put the future of our health service at risk

At a time when our NHS faces a nursing shortage (due in part to mismanagement and attacks on the profession), the government should be pulling out all of the stops to attract more people into careers in the health service.

Plans to scrap student bursaries may cost the NHS more not less, says new report

Huge drop in the number of NHS students if the NHS bursary is scrapped, will mean even fewer qualified new recruits from 2020 – causing trusts to spend more on agency staff or overseas recruitment to make up the inevitable shortfall in numbers

The government’s plans to axe the NHS bursary place our health service in jeopardy

We need to find a way to address the funding crisis facing students in the NHS – but not by plunging those same students into debt, and putting the future of our health service on the line.

Ask your MP to speak up for student health professionals

Help save the NHS bursary for student nurses, midwives and other health professionals in England

Enough is enough

It was a huge pleasure to address our health conference this morning. It’s a special event that I return to each year, and which inspires me every time. Not just because it’s a great event that shows what great work our union does in the health sector, but also because it provides a crucial platform […]

Pride in our union and the One Team that runs our NHS

General secretary, shadow health secretary and service group chair unite to sing praises of NHS and its workers

UNISON members join People’s Assembly march in London

Student nurses take their fight to save the NHS bursary back onto the capital’s streets

Government confirms future financial pain for healthcare students, says UNISON

The government’s health bursaries consultation launched today (Thursday) will saddle nursing students with huge debts of at least £50,000, says UNISON. UNISON head of health Christina McAnea said: “This consultation is meaningless. It’s clear that the government has already made up its mind to replace bursaries with loans and fees. “Replacing the bursary system with loans […]

student nurses hold a banner

Higher ed conference backs campaign to keep NHS bursaries

Higher education delegates pledge to lobby for a reversal of Chancellor George Osborne’s decision to scrap bursary

UNISON stands behind the junior doctors

UNISON stands behind the junior doctors as they stand up for their rights at work and for patient safety, but unfortunately these attacks will come as no surprise to student nurses

A foolish, petty and self-defeating cut

Saving less than a million pounds a week whilst making it harder to recruit more nurses, plans to cut the NHS bursary must be one of the most foolish, petty and self-defeating cuts to come from this government

Axing NHS bursaries will saddle nurses with debt until retirement, warns UNISON

Nurses and other healthcare workers will be paying off their student loans almost until the day they retire UNISON is warning today (Saturday), as student nurses prepare to take part in protests against government plans to axe the NHS bursaries. UNISON says that controversial government plans to axe the bursaries could leave trainees more than […]

UNISON student nurses lead march on Trafalgar square

Nursing students from across the country are converging on London today (Wednesday February 20), to lead a march organised by the National Union of Students demanding “Grants Not Fees,” and calling for an end to nursing bursaries. Over 10,000 students and supporters are expected to join the march across London, which heads off from outside the University of London Union (ULU), Malet Street at 12.00pm. The marchers will make their way to a rally at Trafalgar Square to be addressed by speakers including Ken Livingstone.