Front of the UNISON group on the TUC demo June 2022

General secretary reiterates need for branches to be ‘strike ready’

Christina McAnea also tells NEC meeting that the spectacle of the Tory Party leadership candidates trying to ‘out-tough’ each other is ‘unedifying’

UNISON flags

UNISON vows to keep up the pressure on cost of living crisis

Rising prices and the TUC march and demo on 18 June dominate union’s NEC meeting

woman's hands holding empty purse

NEC hears how the cost of living is dominating the union’s work

Meeting also continues preparations for the union’s first in-person national delegate conference since before the pandemic

UNISON in solidarity with Ukraine graphic

NEC reiterates condemnation of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

Meeting hears that UNISON ‘will continue to work with the international trade union movement to offer support to Ukraine’

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NEC meeting discusses motions for national conference

National delegates set to meet in Brighton in June – for the first time since the pandemic

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NEC vows to continue campaigning on pay

Pay and the pandemic continue to dominate UNISON’s work, the first NEC of the year heard today

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NEC hears how UNISON is preparing for a winter of action

The union is fighting across multiple sectors for members’ pay and conditions, with strike ballots and consultations

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UNISON backs mobilisation for climate day of action

Government must deliver ‘a fair and just’ response to the climate emergency

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Pay ballots continue to dominate

Today’s NEC heard updates on a series of pay disputes and impressive personal injury wins for members

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Important wins and ongoing battles across the union

Ongoing high profile pay campaigns, industrial action and the ongoing fight against racism and hatred highlighted at union’s national executive council

Andrea Egan UNISON senior vice president

Members cannot be the ones who pay the price for the pandemic

UNISON’s new senior vice president on why post-COVID pay rises are crucial for members

UNISON sign at the union's centre in London

New presidential team

UNISON’s new national executive council (NEC) has elected a new presidential team

UNISON sign at the union's centre in London

UNISON increases pressure for COVID public inquiry ‘sooner rather than later’

Union’s NEC also highlights continuing pay campaigns, post-pandemic support for members and solidarity with those in Palestine

UNISON’s NEC election ballot helpline is now open

The dedicated telephone helpline will ensure all members receive their ballot papers, for union’s most important election

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UNISON to step up campaigns on pay and social care reform

NEC agrees to ‘turn the temperature up on pay’, focus on public services in the lead up to the 6 May elections and maintain an international outlook