Unravelling the myths about austerity

There are many myths about the cuts and the need for austerity – here, we’ve picked out four of the main ones


Government plans to attack redundancy agreements

The government is launching a new attack on redundancy terms, which could affect workers with a long-service record

A foolish, petty and self-defeating cut

Saving less than a million pounds a week whilst making it harder to recruit more nurses, plans to cut the NHS bursary must be one of the most foolish, petty and self-defeating cuts to come from this government

UNISON warns of risk to community policing as cuts bite in Suffolk

Cuts over the last few years mean that community policy in Suffolk is in danger, warns UNISON, launching campaign to defend the service

Members ‘disappointed and frustrated’ at OU closures decision

Open University council approves plan to close seven regional offices and put 500 staff at risk

We will back your struggle against these cuts, Prentis tells OU members

Open University staff could be balloted over plans to close seven regional offices and lose 500 jobs

UNISON will not be gagged, higher education branches hear at seminar

Branch delegates gather to discuss strategic concerns of higher education workers, including the government Trade Union Bill

Government’s proposals into NHS agency costs ‘completely miss the point’

UNISON says that the problem is a result of government spending cuts

UNISON condemns plan to slash Essex police service

Essex police force unveils plan to axe PCSOs and close stations in the county

Government’s tax credit grab will hit 91,000 in Northern Ireland

Research from UNISON reveals the scale of the impact that the government’s plans on tax credits will have

2,500 sign Wolverhampton care home petition

Petition launched by UNISON as homes are threatened with closure

‘There is an alternative to austerity’

UNISON general secretary uses Labour conference to call for an end to the cuts, privatisation and pay freezes that are ‘destroying lives’

Sixth-form colleges need funding protection, says UNISON

“Sixth form colleges need the same funding protection as schools,” says UNISON in the wake of a report from the Sixth Form College Association highlighting the scale of funding cuts

UNISON speaking up for public services placards tied to railing

Salford college urged to consult community on cuts

Public meeting calls for local community to have the chance to consider proposals and suggest alternatives

George Osborne wants to know how to ‘get more for less’

The Chancellor wants to find more ways to cut public services