Contacting UNISON over the festive period

UNISONDirect hours over Christmas and the new year


This is what we do – top 8 brilliant things from 2017

It’s impossible to review UNISON’s year and do justice to all the amazing things UNISON’s activists and members get up to. So, we haven’t tried. Instead here are 8 pretty important, awesome things we’ve done together.

If you’re working this Christmas – thank you

Whatever you’re doing this Christmas, have a happy one and a safe one. If you’re working this Christmas – thank you. And if not, I hope you get the rest you’ve all earned from a long year of supporting your communities at these difficult times.
Merry Christmas everyone and see you in 2017.

Working over Christmas? This is for you

The public have a message for those of you working over the holidays

Five tips to avoid overspending this Christmas

Snow isn’t falling all around us quite yet, but the Christmas ads have started popping up. And perhaps that sinking feeling has too: The panic of having to buy all those presents, who gets what, Christmas decorations, all the food – and breathe! Don’t panic. We know Christmas can be overwhelming. With members already feeling […]

Children attending UNISON's Christmas cinema screening in Inverclyde stand outside the cinema holding placards saying 'we demand popcorn'

Christmas cheer and charity

UNISON members are helping workplaces, their families and communities to warm up for the festive season