Low-income workers urged to claim tax credits before universal credit arrives

https://twitter.com/unisontweets/status/719469133398732800 Across the country the one million people in low-paid jobs who have yet to apply for tax credits should hurry up and do so before it’s too late and universal credit arrives in their area, say UNISON and benefit experts Entitledto today (Monday). The two organisations have issued this urgent appeal to low-income workers […]

‘An inconsequential little protest’

Graeme Ellis didn’t expect that a very personal gesture of protest would help pave the way for the government’s budget U-turn on cuts to disabled people

Disability cuts – a warped sense of priorities

The government’s decision to slash Personal Independence Payments (PIP) whilst giving a tax cut to those earning comfortably more than the average UK salary shows a warped sense of priorities.

Extra funding for flood defences welcome but don’t forget staff on the ground, says UNISON

Welcoming the Chancellor’s decision to increase tax insurance to pay for flood defences, UNISON General Secretary Dave Prentis said: “More funding for flood defences should help save people the pain of washed out homes and businesses. “During the recent storms, when flood defences were breached and rivers burst their banks, at times there weren’t enough […]

Another budget, another year of cuts, another year of failure

We’re six years into the Osborne experiment, and the Chancellor is still forcing the British people to swallow the same medicine – even when it’s clear it’s not working

This is not a Budget for the next generation, says UNISON

Commenting on today’s Budget, UNISON General Secretary Dave Prentis said: “Six years of severe cuts to public spending have done little to pay down the deficit, despite the Chancellor’s promises. Yet still he insists on continuing with his failing economic experiment. “The Chancellor’s policies have wreaked untold damage to essential community services. Local councils have […]