Wooden blocks bearing the word 'support'

UNISON launches new branch support and organising fund

The new fund will help branches that need additional support for local organising challenges

Great new deal for CaseWeb

Imagine Black Friday and Christmas have arrived together for UNISON branches, with a very special offer for those signing up to the CaseWeb system

Tree branch graphic

New branch resources in the pipeline

The fruits of the branch resource review will include a new funding scheme for branches, enhanced bargaining support and easier access to resources

UNISON delegates pass branch resources review

Proposals have the potential to be ‘transformational’ for branches, activists and the union

Supporting branches – online events coming soon

A series of online Q&A sessions on the future of branches in UNISON is part of the union’s branch resources review

Tree branch graphic

Branching out – UNISON’s branches look to the future

What is the branch resources review and why is it a good thing?

NEC agrees branch resources package

The branch resources review makes a series of proposals for more practical support for local branches including improved funding formula and a new branch support and organising fund

Branch resources review – update

The package of draft proposals will be presented to the union’s national delegate conference for final approval

Branch resources review moves to consider range of options

Following the results of the union’s branch survey, the working group is now developing a list of proposals to help branches

Branch resources review releases survey results

Survey reveals that branches particularly need more time and more reps to help and share the load

Branch resources review – where we are so far

The review is making ‘good progress’ with a branch survey and in-depth research

Branch resources review restarts, with pledge to stay on schedule

Over 350 branches have already taken part, with 17 to be approached for in-depth interviews

Branch resources review makes progress

The review group, made up of 24 senior UNISON members, met for the third time on 6 February

Branch resources review underway

Providing all branches with effective support and resources is UNISON’s ‘key priority’