UNISON launches new organising and membership tool

New tool will make it easier for branches to administer membership records, access essential reporting and communicate with their members

Have your say on local government pay

UNISON urges local government branches in England, Wales and Northern Ireland to consult on 2014/15 pay claim

Lobby your MEPs to protect our food

UNISON urges members to lobby for safe food

The Tories are the party of division and insecurity

They seek to divide public and private sector, employed and unemployed and disabled people from the rest of society, Merv Butler tells Labour conference

UNISON launches credit union network

UNISON is launching a unique scheme to increase the help that it gives members in financial difficulty, and challenge the rise of the pay-day lenders

Time to vote on higher education pay

UNISON members in higher education are set to vote on strike action over a pay offer from the employers, with the union recommending that they say ‘yes’

TUC hears of UN concerns over UK union rights

International debates see UNISON speakers address union rights, LGBT rights and Syria

Rally for the NHS, UNISON urges TUC delegates

Delegates hear how the government is intent on selling off the health service, regardless of the consequences

UNISON reaction to Ed Miliband speech

‘When Ed spoke about the things that matter to people they listened, but lectures about the historic relationship between unions and the Labour party are a turn off’

Government accused over higher education

UNISON tells TUC that government commitment to higher education is undermined by calls for universities to find new methods of funding

Congress calls for inquiry into probation sell off

UNISON accuses government of not knowing the price of public safety or justice over plans to privatise probation service

Get planning for the October recruitment campaign

October will see every region working with local branches to get out and about, using the Essential Cover message to make sure all non-members are asked to join UNISON

TUC urged to take notice of ‘invisible’ women

UNISON vice president reminds delegates of the impact of austerity on women in the workplace

UNISON leads TUC call for ‘a fairer Britain’

UNISON call marks opening of this year’s TUC congress in Bournemouth

UNISON and Beaumont Healthcare announce new partnership

Agreement will improve service for clients and increase union participation