Unravelling the myths about austerity

There are many myths about the cuts and the need for austerity – here, we’ve picked out four of the main ones

UNISON Scotland mounts day of action against austerity

Members across the country call on Edinburgh parliament to use its powers to protect and fund local services people rely on

Thank you to everyone who made Sunday a success

Thousands upon thousands of UNISON members – and their families – took time on Sunday to come to Manchester and march

Dave Prentis on stage at the Manchester rally with backdrop reading Yes to workers' rights, No to austerity

‘Together we can defeat the bill’ Prentis tells Manchester rally

‘It’s time for an alternative to the cuts, the privatising agenda, and to the pay freeze destroying lives,” says Dave Prentis as 85,000 march against austerity, and for workers’ rights

‘Draconian’ trade union bill passes second reading

MPs from all parties condemn the ‘most significant, sustained and partisan attack’ on workers’ rights in 30 years

Join us in Manchester

On Sunday, it will be just five weeks to the TUC’s demonstration in Manchester marking the opening of the Tory party conference

Austerity is not the only way, Prentis tells Newcastle rally

This is our chance to create a new path that offers hope that offers opportunity to all, UNISON general secretary tells Corbyn rally in Newcastle

Sixth-form colleges need funding protection, says UNISON

“Sixth form colleges need the same funding protection as schools,” says UNISON in the wake of a report from the Sixth Form College Association highlighting the scale of funding cuts

UNISON speaking up for public services placards tied to railing

Salford college urged to consult community on cuts

Public meeting calls for local community to have the chance to consider proposals and suggest alternatives

Chancellor’s letter on public sector cuts: UNISON responds

UNISON General Secretary Dave Prentis comments on Osborne’s letter to public sector workers asking them to find ways to save money.

Police not immune to government’s ruthless austerity agenda

New UNISON report reveals that cuts to police scientific services are placing criminal investigations at risk

‘This is a public services election’

Public services, welfare, jobs and pay are they key elections concerns of Scottish voters says a new poll commissioned by UNISON

More pain and little gain for workers in Budget

With more money than expected at his disposal, the Chancellor could have called time on the government’s damaging austerity policies

The last Budget of this Parliament is almost upon us

A Budget that delivers for ordinary people is what we all would like to hear – unfortunately, I suspect we’re very unlikely to

Bearing the brunt of austerity

UNISON has a positive vision for the community and voluntary sector: close to our communities, innovative, high quality, and speaking out for those who are marginalised