UNISON prepares to make its mark at TUC Congress

Key issues will feature in debate and congress will recognise the work of activists Darren Barber and Margaret McKee

Activists feel stress of increasing workloads

UNISON to explore ways of supporting activists and reps in stressful situations

Conference agrees measures to support activists

Creative ideas for training, accreditation and mentoring all to the fore as delegates discuss helping reps

EU campaign will focus on NHS and racism around migration, NEC

UNISON executive prepares for EU referendum and union conference

No better role model for new activists

Every day as much loved UNISON activists move on, new activists begin their lifelong journey in our union. Like Carole, they will help members with problems big and small, defend their jobs and fight for better pay.

Important notice – the Tax Refund Service

A reminder that the Tax Refund Service (Personal Taxation Services) is no longer a UNISON-endorsed service

Get set for state pension changes

The state pension is changing from 6 April 2016 – members will be asking about the implications for their future

Young members weekend 2016 – just two weeks left to register

Applications for the weekend in Leicester on 13-15 May must be received by 5 April

For your decades of dedication – thank you

You are our union. You are what gives us our strength. And as the government attempts to silence us and limit our ability to campaign, you will be what keeps this union moving forward.

Help us inspire members in a time of crisis

U magazine wants to highlight how the union helps members’ wellbeing

Above and beyond the call of duty

A reminder of the generosity and support UNISON members give to those around them each and every day.

End-of-year accounts: branch audits

Information for honorary branch auditors from UNISON head of audit John Nagle

Tax Refund Service: important notice from UNISONplus

The Tax Refund Service is no longer a UNISON-endorsed service and has been withdrawn from the membership benefits package

Your friend at work

A change of boss turned Karen Williamson’s working life upside down. Her UNISON rep, Mary Pearson, helped her find the right way up…

A great new tool to help social worker members

Excessive workload for social workers is a long-running problem, which has worsened considerably as the cuts bite