NEC vows to continue pay campaign into union’s silver jubilee year

‘All parts of the union are feeling the strain of the austerity agenda’

Reserved (low pay) seat threshold for 2017/18

The cut-off wage for election to reserved (low pay) seats in the union is now £9.94 an hour.

DOCAS and facility time changes brought forward

New DOCAS agreements have to be in place from 10 March 2018 to ensure a “reasonable fee” is paid to public sector employers who deduct union subs directly from members’ wages

UNISON sign at the union's centre in London

UNISON prepares for a campaigning year

First NEC of 2017 covers campaigning to defend the NHS, anti-Trump protests, industrial action and preparations for national delegate conference

Fighting back against the cyber bullies

A local councillor from Wales spoke to UNISON members about her experience of cyber abuse

End-of-year accounts for 2016 – branch audits

Information for honorary branch auditors from UNISON head of audit John Nagle

UNISON sign at the union's centre in London

Nominations are open for 2017 NEC election

Nominations for members to stand for seats on the union’s national executive council must be made by 10 February

UNISON bursaries for activists

Activists can apply for substantial financial help for trade union and labour studies and women’s studies courses

UNISON sign at the union's centre in London

NEC elections 2017

The nomination period will open on Monday 9 January 2017 and close at 5pm on Friday 10 February 2017

Reserved (low pay) seat threshold for 2016/17

UNISON’s principles of proportionality and fair representation means that some seats on elected bodies are reserved for low-paid members

Important change to stress claims

We’ve made important changes to the process branches guide members through when they want to raise a stress claim. This will be introduced from 14 November. All regions and branches must use the updated guidance and materials from then. The new material includes a protocol (stock no 1926), FAQ (stock no 3692) and claim form […]

UNISON starts preparing for political fund change

Union sets up lay working group to develop proposals on changing funds to opting in system, required by Trade Union Act

2017 diaries are here – has your branch ordered?

The ever-popular UNISON diaries are on their way to branches who have ordered their copies – if your branch isn’t one it needs to act now

Does your employer have an ethical procurement policy?

Are the goods it buys as part of delivering key public services produced without abusing workers?

2017 diaries: order now

Summer is technically over – so it’s time for UNISON branches to start ordering your 2017 diaries