How UNISON has helped beat the January blues

The union kicked off 2018 with a month of individual successes, stirring calls to action and an ingenious new campaign. And that was just in January. Here are our ‘high 5’ highlights

Former president tells delegates UNISON can help them achieve

Labour MP Eleanor Smith urges delegates at Black members’ conference to get involved politically to build hope and change

President urges activists to strengthen the union

Density will create power, says Margaret McKee, and help build a world where all people are treated with respect

Birmingham activist wins UNISON’s Nelson Mandela Award

Yvonne Mosquito’s activism began when she started working in schools at 17 and has taken her to many roles in Birmingham

Prentis backs Labour leader’s call to bring services back in-house

General secretary tells Black members’ conference that UNISON has been warning of such a collapse for years

Blog: Proud of UNISON’s history tackling inequality and racism

A union that did not prioritise these would not be the UNISON I know. We want this to be a time for action and not just reflection. Not just a time to learn from the past, but time to shape a new future. We cannot let the fight against racism slide off our agenda.

Know someone who goes ‘above and beyond’ for Black members?

Nominations are open now for UNISON’s Nelson Mandela Award 2018