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PSI general secretary: ‘We must stop the race to the bottom’

Rosa Pavanelli tells delegates that “we must take democracy very seriously,” as she outlines global threat by multinational corporations

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Help campaign against FGM and child marriage

Donate now to the UNISON-supported fundraising campaign to support West African activists working to end FGM and child marriage: donate by 18 July and your gift will be doubled

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We may not be in Europe, but the threat of TTIP remains

UNISON will continue the fight to exclude public services from secret trade agreements

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UNISON prepares for a campaigning year

First NEC of 2017 covers campaigning to defend the NHS, anti-Trump protests, industrial action and preparations for national delegate conference

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Government told to think again on promoting private healthcare

UNISON report shows up role of Department for International Development in promoting healthcare privatisation to some of the world’s poorest countries

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UNISON urges Colombia to protect activists from paramilitaries

More than 500 Colombian trade unionists and human rights campaigners murdered in the past five years as threat increases

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Helping tackle Ebola in west Africa

NEC agrees to help fund international work with west African unions to build public health response

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UNISON calls on EU governments to strike out controversial clause from draft trade treaty

Clauses in the draft EU/US trade deal – the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) – that would allow big corporations to sue the UK government must be scrapped or the draft treaty could end up harming the NHS, says UNISON today (Monday) as EU trade commissioner arrives in London to give a speech on the treaty talks.

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Latin America: politics, trade unions + solidarity

Briefing on current situation in Latin America vis-a-vis politics and trade unions

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The global battle against international trade agreements

This week I am taking our battle to save our public services from privatisation to Washington DC.  Joining forces with other public sector trade unions from Europe, North America, Asia, Africa and Latin America to lobby against from international trade agreements. We in UNISON have been alerting the public in the UK to the danger […]

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Preview Screening of Nae Pasaran

In 1974, factory workers in Scotland refuse to repair jet engines from Chilean Air Force in protest against Pinochet’s brutal dictatorship. Four years later, the engines mysteriously disappeared ending the longest single action of international solidarity in the UK. The workers never found out the scale of their impact. Until now. As September marks the 45th […]

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Grounding a coup

A new documentary celebrates an act of international solidarity by Scottish factory workers that has entered into union folklore

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International Relations Committee Meeting

21 January 2020 10:30am–1:00pm
Guildford Regional Office

International Relations oversees our links with trade unions in other countries and also coordinates with international campaigns on a wide range of human rights issues and international development. Outcome

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What’s going on in Nicaragua? An afternoon with Jose Antonio & the Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign

12 April 2019 1:45pm–4:10pm
Northern TUC

What’s going on in Nicaragua? What impact is it having on education? How can peace and reconciliation be achieved? How can the UK trade union movement show solidarity and support Nicaraguan trade unionists?  To help find the answers to these questions the Northern TUC International Forum are hosting an afternoon with Jose Antonio & the Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign. […]

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International Rally Flyer 2019

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