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Cap it!

1 September 2016 – 31 January 2018

The South East Young Members’ Forum has launched a campaign aimed at persuading the government to introduce rent capping in the South East. The South East has the second highest median rents, where private rental properties cost an average of £852 per month. The median rental values in London and the South East have grown […]

Campaign on the UNISON South East site.

Youth Charter

UNISON Young Members have developed a charter with five key employer pledges designed to make workplaces across the South West better environments for young people to work, learn and develop. Five key employer pledges: 1. Pay the real living wage regardless of age All workers, irrespective of age, deserve to be paid at least the […]

Campaign on the UNISON South West site.

Young workers need UNISON

23 October 2018 – 22 January 2021

Young workers need trade unions more than ever. The houseless generation are contending with low wages, insecure jobs and no voice at work. Get involved in our campaign to recruit and organise young workers and secure protection at work for future generations.

Campaign on the UNISON National site.