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NEC pays tribute to Eric Roberts

‘We should make Eric proud by continuing on in the union – let’s make and keep this the best union’

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Government sets out who will be covered by 40% strike threshold

Threshold for ‘important public services’ takes effect on 1 March; political fund opt-in rules transition period starts on same day

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UNISON Labour Link and the Labour leadership

Union procedures will see all candidates present their case before affiliated political fund national committee decides whether to support a candidate, and who, in consultation with regions

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UNISON starts preparing for political fund change

Union sets up lay working group to develop proposals on changing funds to opting in system, required by Trade Union Act

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As we condemn the Trade Union Bill we shouldn’t overlook what our campaigning has achieved

This is a bad bill but without the labour movement pushing back with passion and vigour, it could have been much worse.

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Austerity is not the only way, Prentis tells Newcastle rally

This is our chance to create a new path that offers hope that offers opportunity to all, UNISON general secretary tells Corbyn rally in Newcastle

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Political funds additional fund form (updated February 2019)

Form to contribute to both the UNISON Labour Link Fund and the UNISON Campaign Fund. Updated February 2019. PDF download only.

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Get Political

UNISON is affiliated to the Labour Party, this ensures that UNISON has powerful voice for public sector workers within the Labour Party. We ensure that our members who chose to be affiliated members (through the Affiliated Political Fund) are able to influence party policy through our branch, regional and national Labour Link structures. The key […]

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Labour link: 2017 committee election results

The results of the Labour Link election are now available – elected members of the committee will take office immediately

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Consultation on political fund review: December-January

Rule changes need to be be submitted for NDC 2017 to comply with Trade Union Act regulations coming into force in February 2018

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