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How to improve homecare – a story from Reading

A short video on how UNISON is improving home care in Reading.

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The 15-minute care makeover from hell

Claire Sweeney stars in our new short film with a difference

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Magic March

March was a momentous month for UNISON members – not least because of a proposed revamp of NHS pay that could benefit a million health workers.

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Home care: Low paid workers told to wait for back pay

Care workers owed up to six years’ back pay after being paid below the minimum wage will have to wait until October for the money they are owed after a government announcement today

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From a council estate to the Houses of Parliament

When Angela Rayner was growing up she went to her gran’s house for a bath on Sundays because her parents couldn’t always afford hot water.

She lived in a council estate in a home with no books and both her parents were on benefits. Now she’s shadow education secretary

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Homecare workers, illegal payments and when the sums just don’t add up

It used to take Judith Montgomery three and a half hours to earn two hours’ pay.

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Care workers continue to be denied the minimum wage

MPs praise UNISON’s campaign to support care workers who are ‘illegally’ under paid

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15 minutes of shame – stories from Britain’s Homecare Frontline

Part of the Save Care Now! campaign – a briefing outlining the real stories of homecare workers and the families of care users. A powerful and moving read.

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Ethical Care campaign travel time leaflet

Leaflet aimed at homecare workers asking whether they are paid for their travel between visits. Part of our pay up for travel time campaign.

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UNISONs 10 point plan for adult social work

This leaflet outlines UNISONs vision for a 10 point plan for improving adult social work services including a planned programme of investment and national standards on acceptable caseloads

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Travel time and the national minimum wage – local government guide

Bargaining Support Guide

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Pay up for travel time campaign – Questions for commissionning officers

Questions for you to ask your commissioning officers

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Conference attacks increasing use of zero-hours contracts

Local government conference hears of the negative impacts on Black, migrant, women and LGBT workers of zero-hours contracts

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Dave Prentis joins Care UK strikers

They are also fighting to preserve a service to some of the most vulnerable people in society and I want to show our admiration and solidarity for a brave and principled group of people

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Doncaster carers strike against massive cuts

UNISON members in Doncaster take second week of strike action against Care UK attempts to slash pay, terms and conditions

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