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Time off for medical appointments and health screening

Factsheet setting out the key features of the best time off policies adopted by employers, the advantages to employers of taking a best practice approach, the key rights that shape policy and the organising implications for branches

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Public sector equality duty factsheet

Bargaining Support Factsheet

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A guide to equality in UNISON – updated January 2012

Whatever happens, you don’t h. ave to deal with problems like this on your own.Application form and direct debit

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UNISON on latest workforce stats showing women in UK universities mostly in low-paid jobs

Unison has condemned the latest workforce statistics published by Universities UK that show that women make up 54% of the total higher education workforce, but despite this 63% of those paid below £17678 are women. This equates to over 20,000 female support staff working at UK universities. The same report highlights that whilst men make […]

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♡ UNISON: because we fight for equal pay

And while  forcing women to pay employment tribunal fees when they have been unfairly treated may be an effective way to lower the number of cases, it's no […]

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Menopause Factsheet

UNISON believes that employers have a responsibility to take into account difficulties women may experience during the menopause, not least under health and safety legislation, and to take account of these in sickness absence policies. This factsheet sets out a series of practical steps employers should take to take account of the menopause.

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LGBT delegates develop themes of inclusivity

Delegates debate a range of motions on how best to increase inclusivity while being sensitive on language issues

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Zero tolerance to gender violence pledge

2 December 2016 11:00am–1:00pm

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