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Employment law

Introduction to Employment Law This course is designed as a general introduction to employment law for stewards with little experience of employment law and no previous training in employment law beyond what is covered in the general stewards’ induction course. Employment law is an enormous and complex subject. This introductory course is designed to give […]

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Time off for medical appointments and health screening

Factsheet setting out the key features of the best time off policies adopted by employers, the advantages to employers of taking a best practice approach, the key rights that shape policy and the organising implications for branches

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Public sector equality duty factsheet

Bargaining Support Factsheet

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A guide to equality in UNISON – updated January 2012

Whatever happens, you don’t h. ave to deal with problems like this on your own.Application form and direct debit

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Windrush ‘nightmare’ won’t end until ‘hostile environment’ does

Black members share stories of individuals and families whose lives have been affected by the scandal

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Unlocking our potential

She also has cerebral palsy and arthritis, and experienced “a little stroke” two years ago. She is used to dealing with the assumptions that people make. She recently had […]

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Disability Leave Bargaining Guide and Model Policy

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Holocaust Memorial Day and the story of disabled people

Holocaust Memorial Day helps us to remember the atrocities against minority groups including disabled people

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Cuts threaten disabled people in work

Disabled workers describe struggle to work 20 years after Disability Discrimination Act

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Disability and health and safety Updated December 2016

Booklet highlighting some of the workplace health and safety issues faced by disabled workers and advice on how they can be resolved or improved with the help of health and safety and equality legislation. Updated December 2016

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Fact sheet – Twenty years after the Disability Discrimination Act

A timeline to mark the 20th anniversary of the Disability Discrimination Act and the progress made in the last twenty years to protect the rights of disabled people in the UK.

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Disability Rights (Taunton)

16 July 2019 10:30am–5:30pm

This course will provide an introduction to how the law works in the area of Disability Rights and tackling disability discrimination in the workplace. The course includes: the legal definition of disability the definition of discrimination and the duty to make reasonable adjustments identifying legal cases in the workplace the steps activists may take to […]

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Unlocking our potential

UNISON’s disabled members are working hard to combat unfair treatment at work.

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Proving disability and reasonable adjustments

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Dyslexia – what does it mean and how can you help?

New UNISON online training module helps members and activists understand the condition and equips you to support colleagues

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