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UNISON vows greater support for private sector members

Workers for private contractors are the fastest growing group of UNISON members

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TUC National Inspection Day 2017

25 October 2017 12:00am–12:00am

The TUC National Inspection Day falls on the Wednesday of each European Health and Safety Week. This year UNISON is encouraging safety reps to specifically consider inspections focusing on whether the workplace is healthy for all ages. With the working population ageing and apprenticeship schemes being introduced as an alternative to schooling, this focus is […]

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Care companies must give back pay to staff who do sleep-ins, says UNISON

Charities and care companies that have paid staff one-off payments for overnight sleep-ins should not be exempt from paying the national minimum wage, says UNISON. Claims for back pay could cost the sector £400m according to Mencap. UNISON believes care workers should be paid at least the minimum wage for work they have already done […]

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Union charter to commit employers to tackle violence at work

‘Our members do not go to work to be assaulted’ community conference declares

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Waving or drowning – Community survey 2016

UNISON is the biggest trade union in the community and voluntary sector, with a growing membership now numbering over 67,000. Our survey of over 4,000 members in the sector gives a unique perspective from the staff working in this difficult environment – about the impact of the cuts on the services and on the dedicated workers who deliver them.

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♡ UNISON: ‘come together’ urges Wendy Nichols

UNISON president issues call as activists and members get out and about to spread pride in the union

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UNISON highlights the urgent need for more homes

UNISON calls on the government to start an urgent programme of building affordable homes and social housing that people on low incomes can afford

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UNISON calls for action as newspaper reveals scale of London ‘social cleansing’

UNISON is calling for action to help people in rented accomodation, as the Independent reveals 50,000 families have been forced out of their London homes by welfare reforms and rising rents

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Scottish mental health staff feel the pressure

New report from UNISON Scotland reveals tales of ‘workload increasing but resources being cut and time with each patient going down’

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UNISON to launch public services manifesto

With less than a year to go to the general election, UNISON is launching its manifesto for public services

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Sleeping in and the minimum wage

UNSION publishes negotiating and organising advice after legal rulings that sleeping-in time must be included in minimum wage calculations

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999 call for the NHS

As NHS supporters march from Jarrow to London from 16 August, UNISON is urging members to back them

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Labour needs to support the millions who are its ‘betrayed base’

‘This coalition boasts that the economy is growing by over 3%, but claims there is no money for our members – where is the money going?’

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How is austerity affecting the LGBT community?

Help our research to uncover the effect austerity is having, whether you are an LGBT service user or working providing services

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Pension-funded house building might face legal challenge

As Future Homes Commission suggests pension funds could pay for massive private housing projects, UNISON reminds government funds must be invested in best interests of members.

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