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Council’s Chief Executive meets with Apprentices for National Apprenticeship Week 2019

We’ve been following the Apprentice Learning Network at Poole Borough Council for a while now, and we’ve been consistently impressed by the way that the apprentices have supported each other, made use of the resources available to them, and promoted learning opportunities. In this piece Freya Kendall, one of the founder members, explains how the […]

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Government ‘short-changing’ nurses on education and training, says UNISON ahead of Westminster debate

UNISON is urging MPs to highlight the urgent need for substantial investment in education and training for nurses and other healthcare staff.   The call comes ahead of a special debate later today (Wednesday) in Parliament on the future of nurse education funding that, the union says, has been severely hit by cuts.   The […]

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UNISON welcomes moves to protect apprentices

‘Largest apprenticeship provider in the north of England’ signs up to UNISON apprenticeships charter

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Rights, respect, Reward

UNISONs pocket guide for apprentices

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UNISON apprenticeship charter 2017

Available as a PDF download only.

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Apprenticeships can be an important way for young people to get into employment and earn while they learn. But young workers should not be used as cheap labour and need the protection of a union around them.

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Conference slates exploitation of apprentices

UNISON’s local government conference turned its attention to apprenticeships in the sector this morning, and of ensuring that these are of high quality and properly paid

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UNISON urges members to lobby their MPs over new ‘gagging law’

New law threatens to gag charities, NGOs, blogs, think-tanks, trade unions and other campaigning organisations by severely restricting how much money they can spend on political campaigning in the year running up to a general election

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A better start for young people survey

Under 27? Take two minutes to fill out our survey

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From the Congo to Norfolk, nursing apprentice John Kasensa tells his story

John Kasensa is an assistant practitioner at Hellesdon Hospital in Norwich. In February he started his journey on the Nursing Degree Apprenticeship. John came to the UK as a 22-year-old refugee from the Congo, settling in Norfolk. We talk to him about his background, his journey into working in mental health and his plans for […]

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Trust leads the way on high quality apprenticeships

Southport & Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust will today (Friday) become the first organisation in the country to sign up to UNISON’s apprenticeship charter. The charter ensures that apprenticeships deliver a positive outcome for both apprentices and employers. The charter commits the Trust to provide apprenticeships that are well-funded, high quality and that lead to a […]

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NHS apprentices protected by new pay guidance

UNISON will support branches with new guidance ‘to make it stick’ in the workplace

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NHS employers tempted to view apprentices as ‘cheap labour’, warns UNISON

Union will seek to use Agenda for Change to protect apprentice pay and conditions

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Apprentices in local government survey

UNISON is running an online survey of local government apprentices to find out more about their workplace and what they want from the union – closing date 8 December

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Union joins call for decent jobs for all

UNISON joins the call for good jobs on World Day for Decent Work

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