Regional statement

We are facing the most critical time for public services in Northern Ireland in the past 30 years.

Front-line services in health, social care and education are being cut on a daily basis. Plans are being implemented to shed thousands of jobs in the public sector and almost 60,000 jobs have gone in the private sector.

On the Rowntree Minimum Income Standard, 50% of the population do not have a living wage. Our poor health inequality record has not changed. The gap between rich and poor has widened. The equality duty was not applied and no connection was made by government on the vital link between our social and economic health.

UNISON is gearing up to meet the challenge. It is time to make up our minds about the kind of society we want to live in and the steps we are prepared to take to underpin the peace process.

There are more than a Million Voices in Northern Ireland. UNISON will strive to ensure that our members and the people have their voices heard. To do this we are rebuilding and re-engaging from the workplace up and across the entire system.

It’s time to get active.

Patricia McKeown, regional secretary