Welcome to UNISON Wales. Croeso i UNSAIN Cymru.


We have more than 100,000 members in Wales working in public services. As the leading public-service union, we guide the way in the campaign to defend Welsh public services and public service workers.


UNISON is the biggest union in Cymru/Wales, with more than 100,000 members across the region. As well as defending public services and fighting the government’s cuts to public services, our priorities are campaigning for a living wage and regional weighting.

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    At work

    UNISON members in Cymru/Wales work in public services and utilities across eight different types of work: local government, health care, education services, water environment and transport, energy, community, private contractors and police and justice staff.

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    Find contact details for the Cymru/Wales regional centre and details of all UNISON branches in the region.

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    Regional statement

    Cymru/Wales statement from the regional secretary.

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    • How can I join UNISON?

      If your employer deducts UNISON subscriptions via its payroll and you are based in this region, you can download a regional joining form here [link] and return it to the address at the top of this page.

    • I need to speak to somebody about a problem at work, but I work different shifts to my UNISON rep and I can’t get to a phone during office hours.

      UNISONdirect is open from 6am to midnight Mondays to Fridays, and from 9am to 4pm on Saturdays. They will be able to help you, or put you in touch with someone who can.

    • I want to join UNISON but I don’t have access to email. What should I do?

      You can phone UNISONdirect on 0800 0 857 857 and they will send you an application form. Lines are open Monday-Friday 6am-midnight and Saturdays 9am-4pm.

    • I work in the public sector but my job has been outsourced to a private company. Can I still join UNISON?

      Yes. Just join in the usual way – or if you are already a member, but your employer has changed, let us know by email or by phoning UNISONdirect on Text tel: 0800 0 857 857.

    • I’m worried that my employer won’t like me joining UNISON and I don’t want to make trouble for myself.

      It’s your legal right to join a trade union and your employer cannot legally prevent you from joining. Talk to your colleagues who are already members of UNISON – there is strength in numbers.

    • I’ve just moved house. How can I change my details on your system?

      You can update your details online here. You will need to have your membership number to hand.

      Alternatively, phone UNISONdirect on 0800 0 857 857. Lines are open Monday-Friday 6am-midnight and Saturdays 9am-4pm.

    • I’ve lost my application form to join UNISON. How can I get hold of another one?

      Ask your UNISON steward, or phone UNISONdirect on 0800 0 857 857. Lines are open Monday-Friday 6am-midnight and Saturdays 9am-4pm.

    • There isn’t a UNISON branch where I work, but I still want to join UNISON. What should I do?

      You can join UNISON in the usual way – and why not start a branch yourself? UNISON will provide you with information and support, and then you can start recruiting your colleagues.


    Contact information

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