Living wage week – a recruitment opportunity

New living wage rates are announced on 5 November as part of living wage week – and UNISON has plenty of material available if you plan any recruitment activity around the issue

UNISON campaigning for a living wage graphic

The new living wage pay rates for the UK, and for London, will be announced on 5 November to kick off Living Wage Week. The Living Wage Foundation will be raise the profile of the rates across the UK during the week, between 5 and 10 November.

UNISON has a proud history of campaigning on the issue.

As James Anthony, a nurse from Birmingham and chair of the NEC policy committee. notes: “UNISON was the first union to campaign for a living wage and we have a history to be proud of.

“But poverty pay still remains and every year we should commit to do more through campaigning and bargaining for pay rates that start at the living wage, or £10 an hour where the living wage is already in place.”

So, if you’re looking to give the campaign a push locally and recruit members as part of the UNISON national recruitment month, UNISON’s campaigning materials, such as living wage placards, posters and stickers, can be downloaded from the online catalogue.

Check out the online catalogue now

You can also download a host of social media graphics from UNISON’s living wage page (see button below).

On top of all that, you can download our recently updated living wage bargaining guide,  which sets out advice on:

  • the arguments to put to employers in making the case for the living wage;
  • countering common responses from employers;
  • factors to consider in shaping your strategy for implementation of the living wage;
  • the campaigning and organising techniques for strengthening the bargaining position;
  • methods of building the living wage into procurement policies;
  • ensuring that annual uprating of the wage feeds into staff pay packets.

UNISON’s living wage campaign page

Download the living wage bargaining guide now