When a woman embarks on IVF treatment she declares in advance she is planning to have a baby. An employer may discriminate against her either intentionally or otherwise by not sending her on training courses or holding her back from promotion as “she’ll probably be on maternity leave next year”. As well as fear of […]


This Conference is concerned at the increasing levels of the artificial portrayal of women in the media. It is recognised this has a disproportionate impact on women and young girls. This can undermine the self esteem of these women and young girls when they are unable to obtain this artificial standard leading to increasing levels […]


A larger proportion of women than men have no pension provision for the future although the Government proposes to introduce the National Employment Savings Trust (NEST) for those whose employers do not have pension plans. A compulsory system that only the lowest paid will be able to contract out of this will still be unsuitable […]