National Code of Conduct/Disp. Procedure

This Conference notes that despite last year’s Conference decision to produce joint guidelines to all Police Branches and Force HR Heads – no progress has been made on a formal agreed National protocol. This failure has seriously disadvantaged the representation of our membership. Conference therefore instructs the Service Group Executive to act immediately to: 1) […]

Pensions and Industrial Action Procedures

This Conference is extremely aggrieved at the reluctance of our Union not to have taken the Local Government Pension Scheme campaign on a national basis but to leave it to a Service Group to take action therefore excluding other affected Service Groups. This Conference feels alienated by this action. This Conference instructs the Service Group […]

Pensionable Pay

Conference notes that the proposed 2008 Pension Regulations include an increase in employee contributions for many employees whilst also proposing pensionable pay to be based on basic pay only excluding bonuses and shift allowances. Conference instructs the Service Group Executive to: 1) Lobby Parliament to ensure that all gross pay elements will be pensionable. In […]

Career break

This Conference notes that many but not all forces have a career break scheme for Police Staff. Conference notes that career breaks are of benefit to both staff and the employer. Conference calls on the Union’s national negotiators to commence negotiations to include a career break scheme as part of the Police Staff Council Handbook.

Pay Parity

That this Conference believes that the delivery of high quality policing is directly related to the Terms and Conditions of our Police Staff Members in particular parity of pay across all Police Forces. The survey undertaken by UNISON in 2003 of Police Staff pay and conditions clearly highlighted the inconsistencies across the country and set […]