Lack of Recruitment of Disabled Ethnic Minorities Within Police Staffs

This Conference is concerned that Disabled ethnic minority workers experience double disadvantage because of failures in recruitment processes within Police Staffs. Whilst there is a drive to recruit ethnic minorities within the police, there is no focus on targeting disabled ethnic minority staff. Many forces appear to have taken no initiatives to improve the employment […]

Removal of Mandatory Punitive Sanctions

This Service Group Conference instructs the Police Staff Service Group Executive to take the necessary steps through PSSC, ACPO and HMIC to work towards the removal of mandatory punitive sanctions, when used as part of managing attendance policies. Such punitive measures as bans on overtime, promotion and career changes. This would remove the principal inherent […]

NOP Survey Action Plan

Conference welcomes the publication of the first ever national attitude survey of UNISON police staff members. UNISON now has a more accurate picture of the way in which police staff members are working, how they feel about their jobs and what they want UNISON to achieve on their behalf. Conference notes with concern the following […]

Salary Pay Cards

Conference notes that the recent pay cards issued after the pay rise did not include the spinal column numbers. They are necessary to enable staff to understand the relationship between their salary, spinal column and local banding. Conference also notes the intention of the PSSC Trade Union Side to completely renumber the PSSC pay spine […]

Change In Health and Safety Responsibities

Conference notes that section 95 of the Police Reform Act has moved the overall responsibilities for Health and Safety from Chief Constables to Police Authorities. This issue will have a major impact on all Police Authorities in England and Wales. It is not clear how this change in arrangements should be dealt with from a […]

Homophobic Harassment

Conference notes that: 1)harassment of lesbian and gay workers in the police service continues to be a major problem; 2)one tactic is use of the media to smear lesbian and gay workers, such as happened with Commander Brian Paddick; 3)often local papers and radio stations run such stories or carry letters attacking the dignity of […]

Criminal Records Bureau and “Disclosure”

Conference notes: 1)The importance of ensuring that young people and vulnerable adults are protected from members of society who may wish to cause them physical, mental or sexual harm; 2)That the Government has introduced the “Disclosure” process in order to achieve these aims; 3)We continue to support the Government in achieving these goals. Conference believes […]