Non-Implementation of Agenda for Change Agreement

This Health Conference expresses its dismay and disappointment at the failure within some areas of the Ambulance Service to implement the outcome of matching panels for the banding of Ambulance Staff. Conference further notes the statement of one Trust Chief Executive that they would not pay above a Band 4 for an Ambulance Technician regardless […]

Independent Sector Treatment Centres

Conference expresses its concern at the increasing fragmentation of the NHS and in particular the extended role of the private providers and the Independent Sector Treatment Centre (ISTC) programme. Despite constant referrals from this government to extending patient choice and reducing waiting lists, the ISTC programme in wave one has proved divisive, offered poor value […]

Private Contractor Staff – Bring them Back In-House

This Conference welcomes the recent framework agreement extending Agenda for Change to contracted-out staff. Conference further notes that there is now no financial advantage for those services to remain out of the NHS. Health Conference believes that this is an opportunity to bring those services back into the NHS and this opportunity should be seized. […]

Contestability in Mental Health Services

This conference is extremely alarmed at the concept of “contestability” being introduced into mainstream NHS mental health services. Whilst we acknowledge that the voluntary sector currently provides some services such as advocacy and service user representation, we are convinced that the majority of mainstream mental health services should continue to be provided by the statutory […]


Conference welcomes the recent UNISON research looking at local workplace organisation and membership growth since the launch of the organising agenda in 1997, and how we can improve on them. Conference notes the research findings that a critical mass of stewards who have held office for four or more years have not been exposed to […]

Addressing the Shortfall in Specialist Education and Training

Conference notes with concern that the Professional and Technical workforce in the NHS faces a potential shortfall of staff over the next five years. This is especially the case in Cardiology, Biomedical Science, Operating Department Practice, Healthcare Engineers, Pharmacy and the Medical Technical area and is evidenced by ongoing and increasing recruitment problems. Conference recognises […]

Litigious Society

Conference notes that unprincipled legal firms are trying to sell their services to a wider market by encouraging members of the public to sue NHS organisations if they are not content with the levels of care received. The NHS has mechanisms for identifying and rectifying errors in treatment and practice. Health professionals are regulated and […]

Maternity Rights for Students

This conference congratulates trainee midwives Clare Fletcher and Tracey Parkes as women trailblazers who decided to stand up and be counted in order to win improvements in maternity rights that will benefit many others. This conference also applauds UNISON for its committed support of their case, and its determination to follow it through with high-profile […]

Health and the Community & Voluntary Sector

Conference notes the important historical role the community and voluntary sector has provided in shaping public services – not as an alternative for directly-employed public sector workers, but as an innovator, working with the NHS and campaigning for new ideas and ways of working. In the last five years, since the 2000 National Delegate Conference […]

Hospital Cleaning/infection/MRSA

Since the contracting out of Cleaning/Domestic Services/Housekeeping/Facilities to PFI this conference notes the extent of media coverage into Hospital Acquired Infections/MRSA. Television documentaries and newspapers have reported widely on the problems associated with MRSA and bed shortages, excessive movement of patients, rapid throughput and high levels of bed occupancy to meet performance targets, lack of […]


Conference notes that a major achievement of the Pensions Review was the removal of discrimination against unmarried same sex partners and addressing past injustices such as post retirement marriage. The deeply unpopular raising of normal pension age to 65 (NPA65) which was detailed which was detailed in the Review Document predicted the financial package as […]

Agenda for Change and Black Workers

Conference notes that with Agenda for Change now implemented it will have a profound effect on low-paid black workers. Black workers already represent a high proportion of the low paid sector. With Agenda for Change and the implementation of the Knowledge and Skills Framework, many black members are likely to be disadvantaged in being able […]