Sexual harassment is rife at work

According to figures published by the TUC, 52 per cent of all women and nearly two thirds of women between the ages of 18 and 24 have experienced sexual harassment at work. The study, “Still just a bit of banter?”, which was carried out in conjunction with the Everyday Sexism Project, also found that: • […]

Dress Code Inquiry

This conference is pleased to know that the House of Commons is holding an inquiry into high heels and workplace dress codes, following a petition asking for the law to be changed attracted almost 150,000 signatures. MPs on the Petitions and Women and Equalities Committees have already heard evidence from the person who started the […]

Abortion rights in Northern Ireland

This Conference notes that women in Northern Ireland live under some of the most restrictive abortion legislation in Europe. They are denied access to abortion information, advice, and services that are available to women in the rest of the UK. This Conference believes that these barriers to reproductive rights are a class issue and barriers […]

Young women must not suffer under Brexit

This Conference believes that the impact of Britain leaving the European Union has the potential to be extremely damaging for workers, and public service workers in particular. This conference also believes that young women will be amongst those hardest hit as the scramble to establish trade deals will not only see an attack on crucial […]