Fertility Treatment and Work

Conference is concerned that some women are being discriminated against because they are undergoing fertility treatment. One month before the embryo is inserted the woman has to take strong medication. This medication often affects the woman’s hormone balance and the results can make the women feel extremely ill. After the embryo has been inserted total […]

Domestic Abuse and Contact

For the past 18 months a group of men have been campaigning for contact with their children after the breakdown of their relationships with the child’s/children’s mother. This had received a lot of press coverage and whilst we accept that some of the claims they make about women refusing them contact with their children we […]

Rape as a Weapon of Conflict

Conference is appalled by the use of rape as a weapon in many conflicts around the world. Rape is used against women by men in these situations to subdue and demoralise them. Rape has nothing to do with sexual desire but is the exertion of power over a group to cause alarm and despondency not […]

Women’s Involvement in UNISON

Conference has always agreed that we want more women to become active and involved in all aspects of UNISON. But still barriers are placed in their way and this leads to frustration and allows the accusation of hypocrisy to be levelled at some sections of UNISON. We encourage women to attend UNISON conferences both National/Service […]