Cochlear Implants

UNISON’s policy has long established the union’s support for the Social Model of Disability. The National Disabled Members Committee (NDMC) has been instrumental in advising the union about how to promote the rehabilitation of the environment and eliminate other barriers that deny disabled people civil rights rather than promote the rehabilitation of the disabled person […]

Schedule D.26 Disciplinary Procedures

Delete sub-paragraph D.26(3). Insert new sub-paragraph D.26(3): “3)A member may appeal upon any or all of the following grounds: (a)that the provisions of Rule I and Schedule D were not complied with at or before the original hearing, and/or; (b)that the Committee’s decision to find a charge or charges proven was unreasonable, and/or; (c)the sanction […]

Homophobic Harassment

Conference notes that: 1)harassment of lesbian and gay workers in the police service continues to be a major problem; 2)one tactic is use of the media to smear lesbian and gay workers, such as happened with Commander Brian Paddick; 3)often local papers and radio stations run such stories or carry letters attacking the dignity of […]

Sustainable Development

Conference recognises that an effective global strategy on sustainable development is crucial for the long term well-being of the planet. Such a strategy has to be embraced by all global participants including the richest and most powerful. Conference is proud of UNISON’s record on campaigning for sustainable development and our reputation which has put us […]

Bargaining for Better Green Staff Travel

Conference recognises the importance of reducing road congestion, environmental pollution and the adverse health impacts that are caused to members and the community from Britain’s over-reliance on private transport. Conference supports key measures, such as pollution and car reduction targets and local transport planning, at national and local government levels in response to international agreements […]

Asylum Seekers’ Rights

Conference notes: 1)a media-orchestrated campaign to promote hostility against asylum seekers by linking refugees and immigrants with terrorism, criminality and scrounging on the benefits system; 2)the racially motivated murders of three asylum seekers in the past two years; 3)Tory Party proposals to lock up all new asylum applicants on national security grounds, pending checks on […]

Criminal Records Bureau and “Disclosure”

Conference notes: 1)The importance of ensuring that young people and vulnerable adults are protected from members of society who may wish to cause them physical, mental or sexual harm; 2)That the Government has introduced the “Disclosure” process in order to achieve these aims; 3)We continue to support the Government in achieving these goals. Conference believes […]

Protection of Children Legislation – Advising and Representing Members

Conference notes that under the Labour Government there has been a great deal of new legislation with the aim of protecting children from harm as well as certain administrative changes in this area. This includes: 1) the Care Standards Act 2001 which amended the Children Act 1989 and led to new regulations in 2002 to […]


Conference is concerned that Britain’s public transport system continues to suffer from years of neglect and under-investment. Conference welcomes the Government’s commitment to increase investment over the next ten years, but believes that bus deregulation and rail privatisation will make it difficult to achieve the Government’s transport strategy, which aims to create a fully integrated […]

Organisation and Recruitment in Primary Care

Conference notes the establishment of new Primary Care organisations and the planned future expansion in Primary Care and Community Health facilities including, Primary Care Trusts holding approximately 75% of the NHS budget and taking on the role of directly providing services. Conference therefore agrees that organising in Primary Care Organisations and Community Health is a […]

Violence Towards Health Care Workers

During more than thirty years of conflict in Northern Ireland Health Care workers delivered, without prejudice, care to all sections of the Northern Irish Community. Today as in other parts of Britain attacks on the health care team are becoming more frequent and more violent. These attacks against health care workers and in particular ambulance […]

Building Strong Branch Organisation – Partnership Working and Staff Involvement

The issue of staff involvement has never been more important. The NHS is undergoing a radical shift in both structure and culture as it moves the balance of power from the centre to the frontline. If we are to succeed in moving decision making to frontline staff, we need to ensure that we have effective […]

Non-Payment of Enhancements when Nurses are Injured at Work

Following the advice we received last year regarding the non-payment of enhancements when Nurses are sick due to an injury at work. It seems that Management and Staff Side have conflicting views. We insist that the SGE raise this issue with our Legal Department and the Department of Health as a matter of urgency, so […]

Tackling Racism

The Health Group Executive notes the NEC commissioned, 2001 and 2002 Labour Research Department reports of surveys into action by employers and Unison branches on tackling institutionalised racism since the publication of the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry Report in February 1999. Conference notes the disappointing response to the questionnaire which could indicate that racism is not […]

Health Workers and Violence

This Conference believes that it is unacceptable for NHS staff to go to work and to be exposed to unnecessary risks of violence. Conference welcomes the Scottish Health Committee’s Zero Tolerance Campaign against NHS staff being assaulted at work. In particular Conference notes the 6 point action plan: 1.The Scottish Health Minister and NHS trade […]