The European Union

Conference notes the grievous consequences of the European Union’s Stability Pact and the Maastricht Treaty convergence terms for unemployment, reduced public spending and deepening economic recession across the Eurozone, and congratulates the National Executive Council for its leading role in the developing labour movement campaign against British membership of the euro. Conference also notes the […]

Sustainable Development

Conference recognises that an effective global strategy on sustainable development is crucial for the long term well-being of the planet. Such a strategy has to be embraced by all global participants including the richest and most powerful. Conference is proud of UNISON’s record on campaigning for sustainable development and our reputation which has put us […]

Bargaining for Better Green Staff Travel

Conference recognises the importance of reducing road congestion, environmental pollution and the adverse health impacts that are caused to members and the community from Britain’s over-reliance on private transport. Conference supports key measures, such as pollution and car reduction targets and local transport planning, at national and local government levels in response to international agreements […]

Regional Cost of Living Supplement

National Delegate Conference reaffirms UNISON’s support for equity of access to high quality public services for all citizens. In particular we oppose any postcode lottery in service provision, which systematically disadvantages citizens in particular geographical areas. Likewise UNISON must oppose any postcode lottery in the living standards of public servants in general and UNISON members […]

Asylum Seekers’ Rights

Conference notes: 1)a media-orchestrated campaign to promote hostility against asylum seekers by linking refugees and immigrants with terrorism, criminality and scrounging on the benefits system; 2)the racially motivated murders of three asylum seekers in the past two years; 3)Tory Party proposals to lock up all new asylum applicants on national security grounds, pending checks on […]

Charter for Workers’ Rights

Conference deplores the continuing violation of international laws by the UK Government and regrets the fact that the UK framework of trade union rights was once again condemned by the International Labour Organisation in June 2002 and by the European Court of Human Rights in July 2002. UNISON believes that without an effective voice through […]

Protection of Children Legislation – Advising and Representing Members

Conference notes that under the Labour Government there has been a great deal of new legislation with the aim of protecting children from harm as well as certain administrative changes in this area. This includes: 1) the Care Standards Act 2001 which amended the Children Act 1989 and led to new regulations in 2002 to […]


Conference is concerned that Britain’s public transport system continues to suffer from years of neglect and under-investment. Conference welcomes the Government’s commitment to increase investment over the next ten years, but believes that bus deregulation and rail privatisation will make it difficult to achieve the Government’s transport strategy, which aims to create a fully integrated […]

A Vision for Education

The issue and challenges facing the UK’s education system continue to be of concern to this union. Whilst Conference acknowledges the promise of more money for the education system as a whole, too many of our children are still failing to reach their full potential. Participation rates beyond 16 are marked by social inequality. Years […]

Public Sector Pay

Conference welcomes the 2002 Budget and Third Comprehensive Spending Review which committed the UK Government to sustained long-term investment in public services, thus reversing a 30 year trend of austerity, decline and public spending cuts. However Conference notes with concern the increasing pressure in Bank of England, government, private sector and media circles in support […]

Ten Years On – Investing in our Future

Conference celebrates UNISON’s forthcoming tenth anniversary on 1 July 2003 and acknowledges the achievements of our union in campaigning for fair pay and conditions for all workers, for the rights of trade union members, for our campaigns against racism, sexism and disabilism and international trade unionism. We must now make the next ten years a […]