Minister’s Statement to Increase Family Size

Conference notes the recent ministerial statement encouraging women to produce more children at a time when the cycle of deprivation has yet to be fully addressed. Conference believes that it is irresponsible for the minister to send out this message when there is currently insufficient affordable housing or childcare provision. Conference calls upon the National […]


Conference is concerned that throughout their lives issues related to homelessness disproportionately affect women. Conference recognises that homelessness is not merely a question of a roof over a woman’s head but reflects a woman’s right to control where and how she chooses to live. For young women this can be due to family circumstances including […]

Recognition of Unknown Carers

It is estimated that one in ten children is a young carer in the UK today, saving the country an estimated £3 million per year. The majority of these children will be caring for their mother or enabling their mother to work by caring for another family member. The majority of young carers are girls. […]

Does Single Status Deliver Equal Pay for Women?

Conference recognises that average women’s pay has in recent years fallen below average men’s pay. In view of this, Conference welcomes legislation aimed at ensuring that pay is paid on the basis of what is done and the skills and knowledge required. Most of UNISON’s members are women, therefore for local government workers single status […]

A Woman’s Right to Choose

Conferences notes with concern the current interest in reviewing the law to reduce the time limits for abortions. The decision to have an abortion is a complex one, involving a range of personal, emotional, social and economical considerations. Conference does not believe that any review on the time limits for abortion should be purely based […]

Women and Asylum

Conference notes the horrific experiences that many women have of the immigration process in the UK and the role that the Dungavel detention centre in South Lanarkshire has played. Conference recognises that since the detention centre opened, over 100 children have been detained at the centre along with their families. This includes the Ay family […]

Compensation of Child Victims of Sexual Abuse

Conference notes that child victims of sexual abuse are entitled to compensation from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA). Such compensation is particularly relevant to women who are the main victims of child sexual abuse. However this compensation is subject to certain conditions, primarily: 1) that offences must be reported to the police; and 2)that […]

Women’s Health

Conference applauds National Women’s Committee for involving the Women’s Environmental Network at last year’s National Women’s Conference through workshops and stalls. Grampian Health Branch delegates were greatly impressed and gravely concerned by much of the information obtained at last year’s workshop and have used it in our own branch. Conference considers that a national campaign […]

Ill Treatment of Women Asylum Seekers

Conference is concerned at the apparent increase in the ill treatment of women asylum seekers as reported by solicitors/barristers working in this field. With a hostile public attitude that has been developed and is fed by the rightwing press, there seems to be less interest in the fate of asylum seekers and there may be […]

Self Harm Amongst Women Prisoners

Conference notes that women comprise less than 10 per cent (4,500) of the prison population and yet they account for nearly 50 per cent of the incidents of self harm amongst prisoners. In a recent report it was revealed that many have drug and/or mental health problems – at HMP Brockhill in the West Midlands […]


In 2003, National Women’s Conference resolved not to allow UNISON to forget its policy on proportionality. We called for National Women’s Committee to: 1)collate and publish statistics annually which monitor progress towards achieving proportionality throughout UNISON, and to present these annually to Women’s Conference; and 2)ask the National Executive Council to present these findings annually […]

Imprisonment of Teenage Girls

Conference will recall motion 33 from National Women’s Conference 1998 which highlighted the problem of teenage girls being inappropriately placed in adult women’s prisons, in contravention of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child which states that juvenile offenders should be separated from adults within the prison system, but that the British government […]

Rape as a Weapon of Conflict

Conference is appalled by the use of rape as a weapon in many conflicts around the world. Rape is used against women by men in these situations to subdue and demoralise them. Rape has nothing to do with sexual desire but is the exertion of power over a group to cause alarm and despondency not […]

Women’s Involvement in UNISON

Conference has always agreed that we want more women to become active and involved in all aspects of UNISON. But still barriers are placed in their way and this leads to frustration and allows the accusation of hypocrisy to be levelled at some sections of UNISON. We encourage women to attend UNISON conferences both National/Service […]

Breast Cancer and Examination

One in every nine women in the United Kingdom continues to develop breast cancer at some point in her lifetime. That is why being aware of self-examination and diagnostic procedures in hospitals are vital for all women. If you have been referred to hospital with a breast lump or a change in the appearance of […]