Prostate Cancer – A Risk for Black Men

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men in the UK. This type of cancer usually develops slowly and for this reason, you may not see any signs that you have it for many years. Only men have a prostate it is a small gland about a size and shape of a walnut and […]

Austerity and Black Workers – The continued impact

Conference recognises that we are all aware of the impact that the vast changes to the welfare state brought about as a result of the continuing stringent austerity measures have had and will continue to have on Black workers and their families. Conference notes that austerity has never in history provided sustained economic growth. A […]

Organising and Bargaining around Race Equality

Conference, Challenging Racism in the Workplace is at the heart of UNISON’s Race Discrimination work and at the forefront of what we do as trade union activist. The elimination of discrimination with respect of employment and equal pay for work of equal value are basic workers’ rights and are therefore trade union issues. The colour […]

Black Action in UNISON

Conference, our worst fears were realised on Friday 8th May 2015 as we all woke to find that the nightmare of the past 5 years would continue for the next 5 years, but this time with a small majority Conservative Government. This Government have wasted no time in slashing our basic Human Rights with the […]

Increasing young Black member attendance at Black Members Conference

This conference notes that the numbers of young Black members attending have been very low for a number of years and that it is vital work is undertaken to address this. This conference also notes the scheme of branch representation requiring branches sending 5 delegates to include a young member in their delegation. This conference […]