Ill health retirment / sickness absence policies

Black members continue to be disproportionately affected by ongoing austerity, attacks to public services and the welfare state which can, in turn, impact on their health. Individuals can suffer from physical or mental health issues which make it difficult for them to work without reasonable adjustment being put in place. In recent years some of […]

Black Members & Housing

A decent and affordable home is essential for all. It provides shelter, enables people to put down roots, raise their families, find employment and contribute to society. It’s also a prerequisite for good health, the best education chances and a decent quality of life. Working people need access to decent and affordable homes near their […]

End Discrimination in State Reciprocal Pension Arrangements

Conference is seriously concerned that Black workers face a triple whammy of discrimination in the labour market, disadvantage in getting decent and well paid jobs and destitution in retirement caused by low pay, an ethnic and racial pay gap and lack of access to good occupational pensions. The impact of these policies means that in […]

Racism and the fight against fascism – a Trade union issue for Black members

UNISON has always been at the forefront of this work in the trade union movement and much good work continues to take place. However, more Black activists need to take part and more needs to be done. The continued rise in the levels of racism and the growth of fascist organisation across the UK demands […]

Challenging Race Discrimination, Inequality and unfair treatment of Black Workers and Workplace Representatives

UNISON’s long-standing campaigns on equality, human rights and anti-racism work make us an attractive and welcoming union for many Black members as well as for migrant workers. As a result we have a large and growing Black and migrant workers membership and strong Self Organised group for Black members. However, racism remains ever present in […]

Black women and mental health problems

Conference notes that the issue of mental health has been of major concern to our union for some time. Conference welcomes UNISON’s Mental Health Bargaining guide designed to assist branches in ensuring that mental health is treated with the critical importance that it deserves. However, conference is deeply concerned about the high rate of Black […]

Repeal of Buggery Law In Jamaica

Conference notes the continuing impact of colonial era sodomy laws in many countries around the world including Jamaica. Thirty six of the fifty three states that are members of the Commonwealth still criminalise same-sex acts between consenting adults. Black workers in the UK have a key interest in political and social issues in countries of […]