One Team – Caring for Patients

Conference believes that all health staff, regardless of their job role, play an important role in caring for patients. All NHS staff are part of one team delivering quality healthcare that puts patients first. Conference notes that our NHS operational services staff continue to bear the brunt of the cuts with figures showing that since […]

Future Food Provision within the NHS

Conference calls on the Westminster Government and the three devolved administrations to recognise and accept their responsibility for providing a quality, safe and healthy food environment for its patients, staff and visitors. It is further recognised that when a patient is recuperating, food is often a make or break experience in terms of morale during […]

Bullying and Harassment in the NHS

The public sector cuts, austerity measures, top down reorganisations and increasing privatisation in the NHS have had an unprecedented negative impact on NHS employees, with increasing numbers leaving the NHS to escape from bullying, harassment, intimidation and fear. Those who are left in the workplace are experiencing an increase in stress as work pressures mount […]

A Future for Young People in the NHS?

Conference notes that UNISON has done much good work to defend the jobs, and terms and conditions of members in the National Health Service (NHS), through national and local negotiations, as well as campaigning to defend the NHS itself. Conference further notes that it is the public service nature of the NHS which has been […]

Staffing Shortages in the NHS and their Impact on Women in the Workplace

Conference notes with concern the impact that staffing shortages in the NHS are having on workers’ lives. In particular, staffing shortages can impact on: 1)Flexible working requests not being accommodated by employers. 2)Staff with existing non-standard working patterns being pressurised into changing their working hours, which could create problems with care arrangements and other home […]

Proposal to Reduce the Agenda for Change Working Week to 35 Hours per Week

Over 30,000 jobs have been lost in the NHS since the current government took office and at the same time, they have put in place a pay freeze for NHS staff between 2011 and 2013, and following on from that, caps on any pay award in the public sector at an average of 1% increase […]


Conference notes that for several years NHS staff have seen their pay squeezed by more than 10% in real terms. Two years of a virtual pay freeze were followed by a miserable 1% for 2013. Since 2010 essential living costs have increased out of all proportion to our members’ pay. Electricity prices have jumped by […]

‘Trainee’ Nursing Assistants

Conference notes that the NHS South of England recently promoted an apprenticeship programme for employers looking at recruiting staff into bands 1 to 4. Their ‘NHS Manager’s Guide’ suggested a number of options for NHS Trusts to employ new ‘apprentices’ without them having to employ staff at the bottom of the appropriate pay band including: […]

Privatisation within the NHS

Conference notes that the now defunct South West Pay Cartel advised member trusts to consider ‘alternative employment vehicles’ as one of a number of what they called ‘pay optimisers’ to cut NHS pay and conditions of employment. Conference further notes that one trust in the South West recently set up their own private company, of […]