Safe staffing in the community

Conference applauds the work done by our union on highlighting the need for increased staff-to-patient ratios, including the 2017 “Safe Staffing” survey. However, conference is concerned to note that reports from NHS staff working in the community, the majority of whom are women, suggest that they are subject to the same levels of stress and […]

Support health workers asked to collect fees from migrants. Stop blaming migrant workers.

This conference notes; that this government is attempting to blame and scapegoat the relatively small number of migrants who use NHS care. They estimate the horrible phrased “health tourism” as £200million. Somehow this is identified by the government as a key problem for the NHS when they have cut £22,000 million, over 100 times more, […]

Stop Bank Holiday Discrimination

Conference notes that bank holidays are calculated pro-rata for part-time workers and believes in fair and equitable treatment for all. Giving part-time employees a pro-rata Bank Holiday entitlement frequently leaves members who work on Mondays with a loss of annual leave. For example in the leave year 2017/18 an employee who works 16 hours over […]

Pay max campaign and building confidence for collective industrial action in Health

Conference welcomes the pay max campaign as a way of preparing members for potential industrial action over our pay claim of 3.9 percent and £800. It is also positive that all health unions have lined up and are behind the claim and that the claim announcement received a great deal of publicity and meant that […]

Pay Apprentices in Health the rate for the Job

Conference welcomes Unison recent guidance on apprenticeship pay and recommends it to all branches when negotiating pay rates for apprentices, as we believe that apprentices should be paid the rate for the job and not used to undermine our terms and conditions or be exploited because of their enthusiasm to work in the health service. […]

Organisational consistency for student health care professionals

This Conference welcomes the work undertaken by UNISON to recruit and organise student health care professionals. This Conference notes, however, that there is inconsistent practice between regions as regards whether a student health care professional should be allocated to a health care or higher education service group branch. This Conference believes that there are clear […]