Tackling Climate Change and COP 26

Conference notes that the next meeting of the United Nations Conference of the Parties on Climate Change (COP 26) is scheduled to take place in Glasgow in November 2021. Conference notes that we are already experiencing climate change and that public bodies are already dealing with the consequences, having to divert budgets to respond to […]

Covid 19 and Black Members

The pandemic has caused devastation, loss and left communities fragile and finding mental health concerns on the rise. Structural inequalities have left groups of staff feeling targeted and discriminated against.Risk assessments are being completed as a matter of course, but not followed through if that member of staff has been identified as high risk. UNISON�s […]

Supporting Our Branches

Conference notes that motion 126, which was passed at the 2019 National Delegate Conference, re-established a focussed two-year Branch Resources Review alongside agreeing interim branch funding formula changes. The aim was to conclude the review of branch funding which first started in 2011 with a report to conference this year. Conference recognises the vital importance […]

Organising to End the Crisis in Social Care

Conference notes the judgement issued by the Supreme Court on 19 March 2021 in the case of Royal Mencap Society v Tomlinson-Blake, which found that care workers employed on sleepover shifts with injured or disabled people were not entitled to the minimum wage. Conference congratulates UNISON on pursuing this case to the Supreme Court and […]

The NHS After the Pandemic

Conference recognises the extraordinary sacrifices made by our NHS staff throughout the Covid 19 pandemic. Conference salutes our healthcare workforce who have played a crucial role in saving lives, providing support and reassurance, keeping patients safe, and providing the essential services that help keep our hospitals running at a time of maximum pressure. Covid has […]

Post Covid 19 Syndrome and Disability Employment Protection

Conference notes that for those who experience Covid 19 and survive the initial illness, Covid 19 can be life changing. Some people will suffer chronic damage to their lungs, heart, kidneys, or brain and some will develop Post Covid 19 Syndrome. Post Covid-19 Syndrome is a chronic illness, possibly similar to Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome […]

No going backwards on gender equality

Conference is concerned that the progress made to reduce gender inequality in the last fifty years is sliding into reverse. Since the start of the pandemic, the number of women in the workforce has declined, women�s earnings have reduced, employment prospects for women worsened and there is a widening gender pay gap. Much of this […]

Covid 19 and Domestic Abuse � a Perfect Storm

Conference is concerned about the surge in domestic abuse during lockdown. Conference notes research from the Centre for Women�s Justice which found that in the first month after restrictions were introduced across the UK in March 2020, there was a rise of 49% in the number of calls to domestic abuse services and around 380 […]

Health & Safety and safety reps in local government after Covid � an opportunity to recruit and organise women workers

Conference notes Caroline Criado Perez�s recent book �Invisible Women� which set out how men�s dominance of the design industry has a major impact on women�s health and safety. For women working in local government and schools, the experience of working during the Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted this impact. Some examples include: 1)71% of women wear […]

Covid-19 hasn�t killed sexual harassment at work � it�s just moved online

Conference is clear – sexual harassment isn�t just a problem for celebrities. It happens in ordinary workplaces everywhere. This includes local government. Anybody can experience sexual harassment. However, TUC research shows that half of women have been sexually harassed at work. Two thirds of LGBT+ people have experienced it too. Four out of five people […]

Employers � Do the right thing for our members

Since March 2020 there have been 3 lockdowns. During these many of our members have been working from home. Sitting at kitchen and dining room tables, if they are lucky in converted boxrooms, doing their jobs. In some households two, three or more people were and are working from home. The computers have to be […]

The future of the National Joint Council for England, Wales and Northern Ireland

Conference notes that the National Joint Council (NJC) structure and negotiations have formed the basis of pay determination for the majority of local government workers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland since 1997. More than 400,000 UNISON members are covered by sector wide NJC pay negotiations. These negotiations cover pay increases, conditions of service, and […]

Organise to Defend Workers’ Rights post Brexit, post Covid

Conference notes that a range of employment rights for UK workers originally derived from European Union legislation or judgements of the Court of Justice of the European Union. This includes rights relating to paid leave entitlement, maternity and pregnancy, working time, transfer of undertakings and equal pay. Indeed many EU member states have labour standards […]

Facilities and Expectations for Workplace Representatives

Conference welcomes the National Executive Council’s recognition that �well organised workplaces, a fairer labour market and overhaul of employment and trade union rights� is an important matter for consideration, within the theme of �Securing an equal and sustainable post pandemic settlement.� Conference notes that accredited, recognised and trained trade union representatives are legally entitled to […]

Reduce agency working in Further Education Colleges

Conference notes the increasing reliance on agency workers in Further Education colleges in the UK and calls for this situation to be reversed as a matter of urgency. A Freedom of Information request conducted by UNISON in 2018 revealed the extent to which some colleges are relying on expensive agency workers. Of the 163 colleges […]