Resisting Downbandings/Pay Cuts.

Conference notes with alarm that the downbanding of NHS workers’, jobs has increased nationwide as more and more Trusts come under financial pressure. The downbandings may take place under the guise of service or skill mix reviews but in reality they are most likely to result in workers doing the same job for less pay. […]

Be Safe Training

We congratulate UNISON for the work it has done after the publication of the Francis Public Inquiry into care failings at Mid Staffordshire NHS Trust. It is essential that we continue to prioritise the Be Safe training. We are encouraged that a small number of branches have volunteered to act as early implementer sites to […]

How We Want To Work – A Charter for the NHS Workforce

Conference recognises that in the run-up to the general election, all political parties will be setting out their policies on the NHS including the structures in the four countries and the ideological differences behind them; the different approaches to integration with social care, and outcomes for patients and the way that serious complaints are handled. […]

Access to Student Nurse Education Pilot

The current pilot arrangements for aspiring student nurses to experience 12 months work in an HCA role are a knee jerk response to the Francis Report, and fail to fully take account of current experiential learning which many students experience prior to commencing their formal studies. UNISON fully supports the principle of widening participation and […]

Integration – Taking the Workforce With You

Conference notes that the integration of health and social care has become a key debate in the NHS across the UK over the past year. Conference notes that although only Northern Ireland has full structural integration of health and social care, governing parties from all political persuasions are pursuing integration policies in Scotland, Wales and […]

Privatisation, Franchising and Procurement

Conference notes the alarming expansion of privatisation within the English NHS. For example, the NHS Support Federation found that the private sector had won 21 of the first 25 NHS contracts awarded since April 2013, and it has been estimated that £5bn of NHS work is now up for grabs. Since the abolition of the […]

Legal Framework for Regulators

Following the publishing of the Francis, Keogh and Berwick reports into Mid Staffs it has become abundantly clear that much of the failures were organisational in nature. Further, that these failings in part were condoned by very senior and executive staff within that organisation. Clearly, the Government shows some recognition of the organisational failures within […]

Reclaiming the NHS Agenda for Workers and Users Alike

At the public launch of the World Health Organisation Europe Report on health inequalities in 2013, internationally acclaimed Chairperson, Professor Michael Marmot stated that, “The Conservative-led Coalition government uses the word ‘fairness’ as if it has no meaning at all. They cut the top rate of tax – and they call it ‘fair’. They cut […]

Mental Health Services

Conference notes that mental health accounts for 23% of the total burden of disease, yet receives only 13% of NHS health expenditure. It is predictable that in a recession, demand for mental health services rises, as the impact of austerity and welfare reforms, rising unemployment and increase in cost of living has a detrimental impact […]

Pay Resolution 2014

Conference notes that the difference between the highest and lowest paid is increasing year on year. Each year the pay divide gets greater and our members feel that the cost of living increase is no longer fit for purpose. An increase of just 1% each year is actually a decrease in real terms, as the […]

Equality and Diversity Training for Health Staff

Conference notes with concern that an increasing number of employers are not using the Agenda for Change Knowledge and Skills Framework (KSF) on which to base their appraisal schemes, but are opting for alternative methodologies. This has particularly come to light following the changes to the Agenda for Change contract in England, which has required […]

Learning and Partnership Working

Conference notes the hard work of the union in campaigning and working in partnership with NHS employers, the Department of Health, Skills for Health to improve training and make development opportunities available for NHS staff, particularly staff on lower bands, have paid off. Last year through partnership working the Social Partnership Forum Learning for Life […]

One Team – Caring for Patients

Conference believes that all health staff, regardless of their job role, play an important role in caring for patients. All NHS staff are part of one team delivering quality healthcare that puts patients first. Conference notes that our NHS operational services staff continue to bear the brunt of the cuts with figures showing that since […]

Future Food Provision within the NHS

Conference calls on the Westminster Government and the three devolved administrations to recognise and accept their responsibility for providing a quality, safe and healthy food environment for its patients, staff and visitors. It is further recognised that when a patient is recuperating, food is often a make or break experience in terms of morale during […]

Bullying and Harassment in the NHS

The public sector cuts, austerity measures, top down reorganisations and increasing privatisation in the NHS have had an unprecedented negative impact on NHS employees, with increasing numbers leaving the NHS to escape from bullying, harassment, intimidation and fear. Those who are left in the workplace are experiencing an increase in stress as work pressures mount […]