Social Work Practices and Local Authority Services for ‘Looked After Children’

This Conference notes: 1)The passage of the Children and Young Person’s Bill through Parliament with it’s proposal for the piloting of independent ‘Social Work Practices’ to care for ‘Looked after Children’. That ‘Looked after Children’ are a very vulnerable group of young people who are cared for by the state either due to them being […]

Maximising the Impact of Workforce Development Plans on Local Bargaining

The Green Book advises all local councils to draw up Workforce Development Plans – Pt 2 (3) – and gives extensive practical guidance as to how these should be drawn up (4.8), including the role of the trade unions in developing and implementing these plans. Workforce Development Planning is now a key issue for local […]

Adult Social Services

Adult social services face a period of enormous change. The tight financial regime in which councils are operating is subjecting adult social services to major budget reductions in many authorities and the Government proposals to promote personal care budgets and self assessment means services are under threat. Members working in adult care could face redundancy […]

Social Care Services

Conference notes the continuing and increasing use of the independent, community, voluntary and private sectors to provide social care services and recognises that this threatens local government member’ jobs and terms and conditions in the following ways: 1)privatisation and externalisation of services leading to transfer of staff or redundancy; 2)competition from the independent and private […]

Innovation by the Community and Voluntary Sector

Conference supports the innovatory work that the community and voluntary sector (CVS) has traditionally carried out, campaigning on behalf of vulnerable members of society, identifying gaps in public sector provision of services, and working alongside the government to develop solutions to those gaps. Many UNISON members have been involved in such work, in organisations providing […]

Pay in the Community and Voluntary Sector

Conference notes that, despite strong campaigning by UNISON, pay and conditions for our members in the community and voluntary sector (CVS) are inferior to those in the public sector. UNISON members in the community and voluntary sector have long had a very strong involvement as providers of social care. As CVS organisations provide an increasing […]

Pay Campaign Lessons of 2007

This Conference believes that a successful pay campaign needs to be conducted prior to the wage year rather than during it. To be balloting for industrial action in October 2007 to take action in November, eight months after the wage claim should have been implemented was a recipe for failure. In future our claim needs […]


The presentation on legal migration is concerned with policy on the admission of workers to Britain for employment and on the entitlement of such workers once admitted. Government policy on economic migration was set out in the five year strategy announced in February 2005, “Controlling out Borders: Making Migration Work for Britain”. Among other things […]


Conference notes the alarming figures outlined in a research highlighting poverty amongst black groups. In April 2007 the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) published a report confirming that the poverty rate for Britain’s minority ethnic groups stands at 40%, double the 20% found amongst white British people. Minority ethnic groups are also being overlooked for jobs […]


Conference notes the recent spate of knife, gang and gun-related murders of Black youths is deeply concerning. However, former Prime Minister, Tony Blair’s comments that Black communities fail to denounce these crimes and that Black culture is responsible for these tragedies is completely wrong. Black community groups and activists have highlighted that government response to […]

Support for Sakira Singh

UNISON’s delegation to the National Assembly Against Racism AGM held in November 2007 heard a speech from Sakira Singh. Sakira Singh, a 14 year old school girl from South Wales has been repeatedly excluded from school because of wearing an article of faith – the Kara – that represents her belief. Prior to her exclusion, […]

MUFTI Allowance

Since the implementation of Agenda for change, many NHS employers have discontinued the practice of paying ‘mufti’ allowance . A Q& A issued from the Staff Council stated: Section 19, annex O “We have been asked for advice on ‘MUFTI’ allowances. There is no national provision for this within Agenda for Change. MUFTI is not […]

Needlestick Injuries

Conference notes the continued threat to health & well being of health care staff caused by needlestick injuries. Some estimates put the total number of exposures in the UK to blood borne viruses (HIV, Hep C & Hep B) in healthcare settings caused by sharps injuries as high as 100,000. It also notes with alarm […]

Trade Union Representation on Foundation Trust Boards

Doncaster & District Health Branch firmly believe that the current basis of the composition of Foundation Trust Boards is not conducive to good partnership working as Trade Union Representatives are not allowed on these Boards in any formal capacity. Guidelines issues by the Department of Health confirm this position and the branch is concerned that […]

Privatisation of Patient Transport Services

Conference notes with concern the continuing threat to Patient Transport Services (PTS) posed by privatisation including a reduction in patient transport care levels and the creation of a two-tier PTS workforce. Conference also notes the damaging effect this outsourcing has on NHS Ambulance Trusts’ capacity to provide comprehensive back up and support to their front […]