Black, disabled and discriminated

Conference notes with growing concern the UNISON research and statistics which chart the experience of Black members under the austerity agenda. We know that Black people are more likely to be selected for redundancy, and to face workplace disciplinary procedures. These situations are compounded where the member also has a disability where the combination of […]

Prostate Cancer and Black Men

The statistic 1 in 4 people is often associated with Mental Health, in Black Communities the statistic also relates to the prevalence of Prostate Cancer in Black Men. The charity Prostate Cancer UK has carried out research which shows that 1 in 4 Black Men will get prostate cancer at some point in their lifetime. […]

Black women in low paid occupations

Conference notes with concern that the TUC report “Living on the Margins”, published in March 2015, identified a 12.7% increase in the number of Black workers in low paid jobs between 2011 and 2014. 37.6% of Black workers are in occupations which are traditionally low paid and dominated by women – cleaning, care work and […]

Recruiting and Organising Black Members

Recruiting and organising is a key priority for the union nationally, and conference welcomes the recruitment initiatives that the union has organised. It is vital that we continue to grow our union and it is important that all our activities take into account the very diverse workforce that provides public services. In addition, the union […]

Black Representation in Public Life

Conference notes and welcomes the Scottish Government’s First Ministers proposal of the 50/50 by 2020 plan; a pledge on gender equality to make public appointments within public bodies more diverse. Conference believes that all public bodies should include board members who reflect British society – people from all walks of life; those with a vast […]

Black Youth Unemployment

This conference welcomes the decision by the Scottish Parliament’s Equal Opportunities Committee to undertake an Inquiry into race, ethnicity and employment. Conference is particularly concerned about the high rate of Black youth unemployment. The Black community has always experienced high unemployment during previous recession. However, this recession has led to severe cuts in community led […]

Labour and the Black Vote 2015

Conference, our worst fears were realised on Friday 8th May 2015 as we woke to find that the nightmare of the past 5 years would continue for the next 5, but this time under a small Tory Majority Government. Nearly 2 million people voted for the Conservative Party giving them a 12 seat majority. In […]

Justice for Sheku Bayoh

Conference, Sheku Bayoh originally from Sierra Leone, aged 31 years old, died on Sunday 3rd May, near Edinburgh, whilst in police custody. He was pronounced dead at an Edinburgh hospital just after 9am. Unsubstantiated reports state he was left unconscious after being arrested by at first four, and then a further five police officers, who […]

Rise in Islamophobia

The number of race hate crimes have increased recently since the incidents in Tunisia and Syria. We all pay tribute to the families who have lost relatives in these senseless killings of innocent people. These acts have been deplored by all religious and political leaders, but the EDL and other right winged groups have exploited […]

Urgent Review of the Joint Enterprise Legislation

Conference acknowledges the hard work that the National Black Members Committee (NBMC) has undertaken on the Joint Enterprise Legislation in conjunction with organisations such as Joint Enterprise Not Guilty by Association (JENGBA). The frequent usage of this piece of legislation remains controversial especially when the House of Commons Justice Select Committee called for urgent review […]

Branch Self Organised Groups

Conference celebrates the fact the since the birth of UNISON self-organisation has had an essential role in the development and participation of Black members, women, Disabled people and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender members. However, the majority of UNISON branches do not have their own local Self Organised Groups. One of the barriers to setting […]

Prostate Cancer – A Risk for Black Men

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men in the UK. This type of cancer usually develops slowly and for this reason, you may not see any signs that you have it for many years. Only men have a prostate it is a small gland about a size and shape of a walnut and […]

After the General Election

Conference notes that the Conservative Party’s success at the General and local elections on May 7th created further threats to public services, trade union rights and Black members’ jobs and standard of living. Conference remembers that the previous Conservative led government pursued a range of policies that have savaged public services and attacked workers’ rights […]

Immigration, Detention and Deportation

Conference notes: a)The rise in anti-immigrant rhetoric and legislation both in the UK and across Europe. b)The high proportion of Black workers in the UK people in the workplace who are being treated unfavourably by immigration legislation and policy. This is likely to impact negatively on their mental health and their ability to carry out […]

Austerity and Black Workers – The continued impact

Conference recognises that we are all aware of the impact that the vast changes to the welfare state brought about as a result of the continuing stringent austerity measures have had and will continue to have on Black workers and their families. Conference notes that austerity has never in history provided sustained economic growth. A […]